WANG YI GUANG (1962), CHINESE PAINTER– Tibet’s vigorous yaks, winding railways and cheerful girls

WANG YI GUANG 1/3 – It is difficult to imagine, that the art of this painter is the work of a man, who grew up on the plain of northern China. He is modern Chinese painter famous for his Tibetan paintings of people, yaks and sheeps. He was born in Linyi (Shandong, China). In 1990 he graduated at the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in several national and international exhibitions and art fairs. In his oil paintings he tries to convey his feelings seeking to integrate emotionally the visual perception of some experience in his work, to create expressive images.

WANG YI GUANG 2/3 – He is obsessed with the comparison of Tibetan girls and yaks, creatures with powerful energy and vital force. Working as a creative designer for the China Railway Construction Corporation, he visited the yards of high-speed rail line in Tibet and he was impressed by happy spirit of the Tibetan people. The deep respect of the natural world and animals by the Tibetan people has also brought a profound impression on his life.

WANG YI GUANG 3/3 – Most of his previous works have been realistic paintings showing daily lives of the villagers before the ’90s. Slowly his work began to turn into a neo-realism and combined romanticism of the imagination with the power of reality. The shift became apparent after participation in the construction of Qinghai-Tibet railway in 1992. In series of paintings he tried to illustrate on canvas the fairy tale between man and yak (the ship of the plateau), using colors and feelings.

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