FALLING IN – Jake Armerding, “the most gifted songwriter from the Boston folk scene in years”

He stands out from a crowd of new songwriters for his ability to create something new from something old. Jake Armerding is singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist devoted to contemporary folk music, progressive bluegrass and classic folk-rock of the 1960s. He is an American musician from Boston (Massachusetts), a British literary graduate, who uses acoustic string instruments (such as mandolin, acoustic guitar and violin). He began writing songs while studying English at a college in Illinois and recorded his first CD while he was graduating in literature. A Boston radio station honored his first recording with the Best New Artist Award 2001. JAKE ARMERDING https://jakearmerding.bandcamp.com/started playing occasionally in 1990 with a band, but in 1999 he opted for a solo career. After more than 500 shows (from Anchorage to London, to Bangor), he returned to Nashville to record “Walking on the World.”

FALLING INIn a deep, dark pub in the back of London, I fell in love and I lost my cool with a beer in hand and the jukebox humming. A little Liverpool we all went out on a Thursday evening and I just tried to be myself, but the drinks got poured and the talk got flowing and I was someone else. Hey, could you make up your heart I’d like to begin, love is spreading her arms I’m falling in. Her cheeks were red and her hair was crimson. Her eyes would laugh and her mouth would smile and I washed in her like a river Jordan for a little while my heart was young with an old demeanor. My heart was grey and my heart was bored but you never know it until you’ve seen her. What you’re looking for she’s the patch of grass underneath my snowfall. In my iron sky she’s a streak of blue she’s the toes of the trees underneath my sidewalk and she’s breaking through you’re breaking through.

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