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THE INTACT MEMORY OF A PAINTER – Brussels Welcome to the home of René Magritte

Brussel is the city, where an extraordinary artist René Magritte had worked almost 24 years of his life. Visit now the museum of that surrealist painter. On the ground floor, the René Magritte Museum http://www.magrittemuseum.be/en/00_home_en.php presents the apartment, where the painter lived, while his biographical exhibition spreads on two other floors. Walking in his home, http://www.magrittemuseum.be/en/02_virtuelle_en.php a careful observation will capture your imagination on the living room or on the fireplace. From the French window you can let the mystery of his invisible horizon enter into your mind. Each place and every object creates the basic elements of the creative horizon of this painter.

For him, the pictures had to look at what they were. He loved images whose meaning was unknown, because the meaning of the mind itself is unknown. His house was the headquarter of surrealists, avant-gardists and cubists, constructivists and dadaists. From 10.00 to 18.00, the René Magritte Museum (135 rue Esseghem – 1090 Bruxssels) is open from Wednesday to Sunday. The ticket http://www.magrittemuseum.be/en/04_ticket_en.php gives access to the ground floor, the biographical exhibition and the temporary exhibition.

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