Where? The sceneries are multiple and all of them ideal to let imagination fly. Here, in Argentina, you will have the opportunity to know in depth each of the disciplines, which are part of an adventure travel. Are you ready? Nice. Fasten your seatbelt, life-jacket or simply your hiking boots. We can move to make into adventure travel in a natural environment, where you can find circuits with different levels of difficulty, which enable you to share excursions even with your family.

To go around the mountain in the safest way, we can enter the two-wheel world, learning the secrets of mountain biking. This sport had evolved with the passing of time and become amusing modality to enjoy the most inaccessible paths in the mountain (especially by wearing a helmet in each ride). Obviously, you need to plan your tour (revising each part of your bicycle and making yourself quite visible along the road).–trekking-trip-bariloche-patagonia-argentina.php

Cycling across the Andes? You can cycle from San Carlos de Bariloche to Puerto Montt. During the journey you would border Lakes Nahuel Huapi and Llanquihue. When you reach Bariloche, you need a good dinner, thinking of what you see the following day, during next 250 kilometers by bike. Towards Puerto Pañuelo, you embark on a ferry (which takes you through Lake Nahuel Huapi).

In the direction of Laguna Frías Pond, you need to put on board second ferry. Now you are about to cross the border (to the Argentinian Customs Office, and its Chilean equivalent). You are in Chilean territor, up to Pehulla. You need a new ferry (to cross Lake Todos los Santos), until Petrohué and Ensenada, where you stay overnight, until you continue the trip.

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