Instrumental music (in the usual sense of that term) didn’t exist. Due to Iceland’s isolation centuries of musical development (on the European continent), had gone unnoticed. When the new music found its way to Iceland, the population proved to be more receptive. Latent creative talents soon emerged. In the 1980’s, Icelandic music was on the world music map with the emergence of new artists. Jón Leifs is one of Iceland’s best known classical composer, composing his works about Icelandic nature. Mezzoforte, is Iceland’s best known Jazz group.

Folk songs are often about love and sailors, hard winters, elves and other mythological creatures, but Icelandic music has a very long tradition (with some songs still sung today dating from 14th century). Although this country has a very small population, it is home of many famous and praised bands and musicians. The music of Iceland includes vibrant folk and pop traditions, as well as an active classical and contemporary music scene. List of artists from Iceland include Voces Thules, The Sugarcubes Björk and Emiliana Torrini, the post-rock band Sigur Rós and the indie folk/indie pop band Of Monsters and Men.

Instrumental Icelandic Folk Music

Krummavísur – Iceland Folk Song

Eivør / Dansaðu Vindur – Beautiful Icelandic Music

Sólstafir – Fjara

Seabear – I Sing I Swim

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