You can meet some of Australia’s most famous (like kangaroos and emus), if you go in South Australia. Yes, Australia’s got the greatest wildlife collection in the world. South Australia trip can reveal this true to you. From Adelaide, head to the Eyre Peninsula (with native animals and exciting activities). There’s a cage, if you choose to swim with sharks. Maybe you’re looking to stay dry? Enjoy secluded bush walks, to spot the wildlife around you.

Moving you beneath the surface, into the crystal clear waters surrounding the Neptune Islands, you can meet special great white shark. This trip is tailored, to enable to experience these extensive wildlife encounters. Maybe, you love to see koalas (one of Australia’s most iconic creatures), so enjoy and make some new furry friends among the gum trees. The itinerary? Adelaide / Port Lincoln, Whalers Way Conservation Park / Port Lincoln National Park, Hopkins Island (Swimming with Sea Lions) to Adelaide.

Adelaide has a little bit of everything, award-winning gardens and fresh seafood, good wines and wine bars. In Port Lincoln, visit Mikkira Station (for a walk around the grounds, looking for native Port Lincoln parrots). If you’re a landlubber (unfamiliar with the sea), you may choose to walk the ten-kilometre trail from North Shields to Port Lincoln. You’re thrill-seekers? Cruising out to the Neptune Islands and come face-to-face with a White shark. You can have the option of cruising out to Hopkins Island, until you arrive to the swimming with sea lions.

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