WE WAIT FOR YOU IN THE ROOM 61 – Florence, Uffizi Gallery: Supper at Emmaus, by Jacopo Carrucci, aka Pontormo

Its large collection, has works from all centuries. In the heart of Florence, it hosts works of art by great Italian artists (such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello and Botticelli). The main part of its collections, were left by the Medici to the state of Tuscany, to attract the curiosity foreigners. The Uffizi Gallery, is one of the most famous museums in the world, given the rich amount of unique masterpieces (the majority from the Renaissance period). http://www.uffizi.com/history-uffizi-gallery.asp Together with the Vatican Museums in Rome, the Uffizi Gallery are the top two most visited museums in Italy. http://www.uffizi.com/online-ticket-booking-uffizi-gallery.asp We can go at its room 61.

Cena in Emmaus (author Jacopo Carrucci, alias Pontormo, year 1525), waiting for you at the Uffizi Room, room 61 http://www.uffizi.com/painting-cena-in-emmaus-uffizi-gallery.aspx Pontormo, immortalized Jesus in the act of blessing the bread. In the painting you can admire the biblical episode of the supper at Emmaus (when two disciples of Jesus resurrected, don’t recognize him). On the floor, at the foot of the pilgrim located on the right, you can see a scroll, in which appears a date: 1525. The large canvas, was commissioned to be allocated to the pantry Certosa del Galluzzo. Then, following the suppression of the monasteries, it came at the Academy (and later to today’s headquarters).

More museums to visit in Florence? http://www.uffizi.com/tour-excursions-tuscany.asp Accademia Gallery (you cannot come to Florence and not see the world’s most famous sculpture: Michelangelo’s David), the Bargello Museum (a must for anyone that loves sculpture, with works by Michelangelo and Donatello), Palazzo Vecchio (stupendous landmark in Florence), the Medici Chapels (the final resting grounds of the Medici family, that ruled over Florence), The Vasari Corridor (is one of the most unique places in Florence).

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