A SUNNY DAY THAT MAKES YOU WARM – Antonio de Curtis (Totò): the prince of laughter who recited poems

toto1-1He, the man who had a very long name and surname, remains today the most popular Italian comedian of all time, distinguished himself even outside of acting, becoming a playwright and poet, lyricist and sometimes singer. He is still considered – even for a few dramatic roles – one of the greatest performers in the history of the theater and of the Italian cinema. Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Porphyrogenitus Comnenus Gagliardi de Curtis of Byzantium, had interpreted his role as prince from theater to film, to television. Many film collections, almost always cut off from most critics. Totò was born in Naples from a clandestine affair.toto2-1

A woman named Anna and a marquis (which, in principle, did not recognize him), were his biological parents. That melancholy baby, Totò, was raised in poor conditions, however, demonstrating a strong artistic vocation. Performing with grimaces and jokes, he entertained his classmates with small performances. His theatrical school had been that of the Rione Sanità, the set of streets, squares and people who lived in that area of town. As a child watched those people, imitating the movements with great success. His mother wanted him be a priest, but he was attracted by the variety shows.toto3-1

After his military service he was hired by a theater manager, beginning a triumphant series of theatrical performances that would have accompanied him throughout his life. Despite the many adventures, he felt unfulfilled, because his artistic satisfaction left him devoid of sentimental ones, until the arrival of a woman named Liliana, who committed suicide for love. Totò was shocked, not understanding the intensity of her feelings, and this remorse accompanied him throughout his life.toto4-1

In 1933 he was adopted by a second marquis, in order to inherit the long series of noble titles. After his biological father’s death, Totò devoted himself to reading good books, the creation of songs and poems, alternating theater and cinematography. The child who had long lived as the son of N.N., had always been charitable spirit, and throughout his life he had made gestures of altruism. The man who could also speak remaining silent, even from silent to act in, always managing to tell these stories. As he said, greeting us, “I was born in a beautiful country, where, however, to be recognized for something, it was necessary die.toto5-1

LOST LOVELove lost, I had found you, I had not been able to keep you with me. Love lost told me this heart, which he later learned, who you were for me.

IF A GYPSYIf a gypsy reading my destiny in the midst of the hands, had told me that I met a girl like you, I would not have believed me. I would have said “go away, do not be stupid.” A female as well, exists only in the dream. And now that I’ve met you, I really like a dream.toto6-1

A SPECTACLEYou are a spectacle, you’re a basket of fragrant apples, a glass of delicate wine, a sunny caress of spring. You are singing love birds, the sound of a passionate guitar. You are a flower that makes me beautiful day! You are a joy and a heart that parladi love, a thought that makes me live. You are a sunny day that makes me warm.



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