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YOUR PLAYFUL LANGUEDOC/ROUSSILLON – Bédarieux/France, under the sky of Pierre August Cot, waiting for special courses

leonardo-uomoVitruvian Man created by Leonardo da Vinci is a design, where a man in two overlapped positions (with arms and legs spread wide), is inscribed in a circle and a square. https://leonardodavinci.stanford.edu/submissions/clabaugh/history/leonardo.html Throughout the centuries, that image has become a cultural icon. Perfectly proportioned, the symmetry of the human anatomy is correlated with the symmetry of the universe. That man is you, inside your existential experience, where you breathe and see, hear, eat and feel it, also visiting the Languedoc-Roussillon, France.giocosoviaggio-1-1

Languedoc-Roussillon, it is the southernmost region of mainland France http://www.creme-de-languedoc.com/Languedoc/ The name of the province originates from the language spoken in southern France. Pierre August Cot (the French painter that preferred to paint while the light was good), he was born here, in the little town of Bédarieux (56 km west of Montpellier and 30 km north of Béziers).giocosoviaggio2-1

Several streets in Bédarieux http://www.france-voyage.com/cities-towns/bedarieux-11822/tourist-office-bedarieux-7748.htm retain their 17th-century architecture, and inside the “Maison des arts Museum” in the former hospice (created in 1976 to collect together regional heritage), you can see painting and folklore, archaeology, geology and botany with popular arts and traditions. Bédarieux was at one time a manufacturing centre. Its cloth-weaving industry, carried on under a special royal privilege, util the French Revolution. Please, do not forget to walk the 16th-century bridge over the river Orb. Things to Do in Bédarieux?giocosoviaggio3-1

Arbre et Aventure 34 http://www.arbreetaventure34.com/ your playful course. Park is open from April to October. Come and share a moment of adventure in the trees safely! The Acrobatic course is a space of secure and fun activity with (wooded area), allowing to evolve over and between the trees. Practitioner advance height (and independently in a more or less acrobatic). He assures his own security through personal protective equipment against falls hauteurm connected to a lifeline installed on its journey.giocosoviaggio-4-1

The Equine Association Caroux http://associationhippiqueducaroux.unblog.fr/ offer you throughout the year (but only on reservation), ballads 2 to 3 hours, and also hiking 6 to 10 people (for 1 to 3 days). You need to remember: for adults and children of all levels (weekends, public holidays, school holidays and weeks), and during these walks, you can discover the wild landscapes of Hauts-Cantons. You can discover Moulin de Faugères and Lamalou les Bains, la Coquillade, Boussagues and Camplong, Villemagne d’argentière, Clairac, les Causses and Le Lac du Salagou. If you prefer, there are special excursions with picnic, to visit the area around the Lake (with accommodation in a cottage or in tents).


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