cinatravel1.1China has the third largest train system in the world (with both old-style conventional passenger trains and modern cross-country bullet trains) http://www.chinahighlights.com/tour/china-train-travel/ Romantic train journey in China? The only things you need are your passport and the E-numbers. Independent travelers love Chinatour http://chinatour.net/ because you can find all above services in one place (and yes, you can book whatever you need for your trip in China). There’s a certain romance attached to train travel. Starting at 06,05 on July 23, we took train G4015 (First Class Seat $129), from Beijing West, ariving to X’ian North at 11,31. http://chinatour.net/train/?gclid=CLmugNrTic4CFRJmGwodLkMB1A Yes, inside our special tip there are also the two days Classic Xian Tour (walk towards terra-cotta warriors).cinatravel2.1

The price? $185. http://chinatour.net/2-days-1-night-xian-tour-hotel-package.html Two days, one night Xian tour package (including hotel accommodation, (3/5 star options), private car or van, private tour guide. The terra cotta warriors and horses (40 miles away from downtown), which is the greatest archaeological findings of the century, waiting for you. You can admire some of the coolest things you can see in China, and we thought Xi’an (with its arching trees and city wall, the only unique and intact city wall that has survived in China), was really beautiful. Do not forget that you can visit the Bell Tower (which houses a huge bell originally used to strike for time every morning in ancient times), and the Wild Goose Pagoda. If you have more time (and a thousand dollars more), Classic Wonders (Beijing, Xian, Guilin/Yangshuo and Shanghai waiting for you, 11 days $1399+). As one of four major must-see cities in China, Guilin has unique karst mountains and rice terraces. http://www.chinahighlights.com/tour/cht-63/a.MB logo

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