BONJOUR TRISTESSE – Novel by Françoise Sagan

sagan.cover.1The name Sagan, was chosen because it is a character of Proust’s Recherche (Princess Sagan). Françoise Quoirez is the daughter of a southern middle class family-east of France. Françoise Sagan, begins very young to write short services from Italy, who had the title Bonjour Napoli, Bonjour Venice, title that already resembles that of her first great success as a novelist, Bonjour tristesse). With a very wild life, lover of alcohol and fast cars, she embodies all that generation of women who have decided to show their independence, including through the transgression. She became an icon of that era intellectuals. Prolific author, she has lived his last years in serious economic difficulties, dying in 2004 in a clinic of lower Normandy.sagan2.2

Bonjour tristesse, is the first novel by Francoise Sagan (he awarded the Prix des Critiques). Since that book was also made into a film The novel, tells you of a joung female French, on summer holiday, in a villa near Nice. She along with her widowed father, and her friend Elsa (to which is added a woman who wants to win the love of her father. The first few days, lived with light-heartedness. The girl is under the thumb of the charisma of this woman, and want to rekindle the passion of her father to Elsa. The sympathy that Cecile evidence for that woman not prevent her from seeing her as a rival, as a threat to their freedom and so enacts a subtle game to split the two new lovers. a perfect plan, but with unexpected results and far more tragic than expected.


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