THE NIGHT OF PIRATES – Porto Ercole, Italy: Book your dinner at Osteria dei Nobili Santi, without losing the arrival of Blackbeard

PORTOERCOLE1.1You have in your mind the idea of going to Italy? Why not go the first days of May? It will take place, in fact, on days 6, 7 and 8 May 2016, the tenth edition of the “Night of the Pirates of Porto Ercole”. You will have the chance to see the pirates landing on the port, the hideouts decorated, the treasure hunt, the race of pirates and many other initiatives (for adults and children). For one night, Porto Ercole will turn into a den of pirates. Streets, bars and restaurants, beaches and every corner of the port, will be places to meet strange characters, but also the opportunity to find your own special inn, to meet Long John Silver, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow. Saturday’s sunset will be missed, because it is precisely at that moment that the pirates landed on the beach. A treasure hunt? Good. Choose your “Team-crew”, and good luck! Each inn organizes its own party, where everyone is involved, even you.

You can try to “Osteria dei Nobili Santi” – via the hospice, 8 – a small restaurant, but cozy, where the waiter serves you with courtesy. If you arrive early, you can find a few people, but gradually fills. Perhaps it is best to book, just come to town. The special feature of the kitchen of this restaurant, is the union between sea and land (that is, between the good fish and the products of the earth, typical of Maremma). A suggestion? Choose the tasting menu! 10 samples of different appetizers, including hot and cold, and certainly will not forget the whitebait fritters and zucchini, mashed cauliflower, and cod.

Saturday, April 30, come in “Pirates Cave”. At 19.30 you can run to your lair, to consume your ration, but at 21.30 you will be on Pier De Angelis, waiting for the cannon that will kick off the “Treasure Hunt” of young pirates. Saturday, May 7, stop in Viale Caravaggio, where you can admire the parade of all the crews, waiting for 19.45 hours. Because? Comes the Corsair Barbarossa, to conquer Porto Ercole! The landing of the pirates – including shots of cannons, smoke, gunfire and screams – will take place on the beaches at 20.45 hours. At 21.15 the streets are very crowded, because all the pirates run their inn, for the rations. If you have time, stop until Sunday, May 8th. In the afternoon – at 17.30 – you will see the striking Regatta Corsairs (from the beaches, the Isolotto’s climbing).



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