WITH DEPARTURE FROM CECILIA METELLA: Rome, where the sun paints of gold, even a simple walk

roma1.1That road was built for many years, becoming a valuable link between the Adriatic Sea and the East. If you are in Rome, I invite you to take a walk particular, very, very different from the usual ones. The Via Appia Antica is full of interesting things (archeology and nature), because through the area of the Caffarella – amazingly – you will see what remains of the ancient Roman countryside vegetation, birds and mammals, starting from the Tomb of Cecilia Metella (a mausoleum almost intact).

Just opposite, you will see the Church of St. Nicholas, and a little further on the reconstruction of the old road surface. Still a mausoleum, Forte Appio and the tomb of Marco Servillo, the Relief of Hero, the Tomb of Seneca and a family tomb (that of Sisto Pompeo). Continuing, you will see the remains of a temple dedicated to Jupiter, the graves of Caius Licinius and Ilario Fusco, but also the mausoleum of Claudius Secundus. I hope that, at the end of your stroll through Roman, the sunset time gives you the most beautiful gift: look to your right, where the sun paints of gold, also the Tomb of the festoons.







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