A MEDITERRANEAN COCKTAIL: Houses of limestone and tuff, history and charm. Yes, you are in the Isle of Capri, Italy

capri1.1White houses, made with limestone and tuff. Roof terraces, filled with pergolas and times. Many ways very twisty and 2500 years of history. Welcome to Capri, a cocktail really true Mediterranean.  Maybe even you will go in the Piazza Umberto I, to enjoy a coffee, watching the view of Marina Grande. Of course, a walk to the Certosa di San Giacomo is an intriguing excursion because its bas-reliefs, frescoes and the Small Cloister, have fond memories of a distant time.

To the south of the island, if you want to walk, you expect a path to stairs – under the Rock of Castiglione – but you also have your special prize at the arrival: the view of Capri, Faraglioni and the bay of Marina Piccola. If you arrive to the viewpoint of Tragora and the Faraglioni, you can go down to the small beach, admiring Roman ruins and the three wonderful Faraglioni. Proceeding south-east, you’re in for a flight of steps, what brings you to the Natural Arch, one that gives you the wild landscape you will never forget. Before returning to your hotel, even a small gift from Capri, the round Cave Mastromania.








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