BETWEEN SEQUOIA AND CABERNET: Welcome to Sonoma Valley, California

sonoma3.1 . It is a valley two hours from San Francisco, with forests full of redwoods. Sonoma Valley, where to stop for a drink special. You choose between the excellent wines that are born in that light: Cabernet or Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. You can take a ride very intriguing, in the shadow of the wineries, perhaps starting from Viansa, a farm founded by an Italian, so many years back in time. Read the motto that is engraved in its barrels, without too get carried by its implicit invitation (if you’re traveling with your car), “when a glass of wine invites the second, the wine is good.”sonoma1.1

Murals. If you love the art form, the wineries have a series of these paintings that caress the walls, reproducing hills and vineyards, along with the old Spanish colonial buildings. Yeah, you do not have to forget that the first vine was planted here by the missionary friars, over two centuries ago in time. If you want, you can go in the cellars of Bartholomew Park – founded in 1857 – to admire the wine museum (but I am sure that not only observe, but do some taste delicious, and perhaps some shopping).

sonoma2.1If you add to your tour of the wine cellar Hanzell Vineyards, you can watch from the terrace and a magnificent double view: around you, the hills are full of vineyards; under your feet, are barrels full of what those hills have donated. The Wine Exchange specializes in Californian wines, but also the state of Washington and Oregon. When you decide to eat, make a note of this name: Della Santina’s restaurant, in Sonoma, 113 East Napa Street, for a two-hour special atmosphere and flavors. . To finish your day, you can go to Guerneville, 13555 Highway 116, where you expect your bedroom the Applewood Inn – – north of the valley of the wines, but also at the center of your memories. Seeing is believing


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