A FEW KM OF NAPLES: Pozzuoli, Baia and Cape Miseno, for a colorful dream

pozzuoli2.1The Aragonese castle of Baia, built in the year 1400 over the remnants of a Roman villa? A magnificent walk in the spa area of Bacoli, Campi Flegrei in? Buy a classic vase (or a plate decorated by hand), in Pozzuoli, in pottery shop Puteoli, to 128 Corso Vittorio Emanuele? Why not admire – in the same Pozzuoli – the remains of the Temple of Serapis? Once news: if you’re not afraid of the volcanic activity, why not walk in the landscape of the Solfatara of Pozzuoli? http://www.infocampiflegrei.it/pozzuoli1.1

Obviously, we need to organize your stay, that’s why I offer a few ideas for eating and sleeping. Where to eat? Two places very suggestive: The Granzeola (33, via Cupa Fescine – Pozzuoli), a restaurant where you can enjoy the gifts of the sea (do not forget to eat marinated sardines, seafood and fried fish); Lucullus Restaurant (8, via Montegrillo – Bay), in a position not to be missed. http://sitopartner.wix.com/dalucullo .

Choose one of the 28 rooms of Cala Moresca (44, via Faro – Capo Miseno – Bacoli). http://calamoresca.it/en/


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