TRIP TO BUDAPEST: Neighborhoods Habsburg and ancient baths, but also special workshops, where observe a time that has never off

budapest3.1I am sure that you will have already photographed the Chain Bridge (one of the eight bridges citizens, along with many other beautiful things of Budapest), so I’ll talk about something else, such as shop Pannon Antik – a workshop in the heart of Pest, really rich in memories of the past have not yet been turned off).

ristorante2.1Do not forget to walk Vaci utca, the most elegant street of the city, a visit to the Botanical Gardens and the shop Fejar Szaboles (filled with beautiful statues of Herend and exquisite crystals). Lace tablecloths and curtains organza? You can go to the store of Tangó – at 8 Vaci utca – also to see (or buy) a beautiful dress Transylvanian century. For your dinner you do not forget, better to eat outside the hotel, the Gundel Restaurant, the oldest in the city.

Do you want to give yourself the experience of a turkish bath? One thing you can do at the hotel, but remember that the inputs are separate for men and women, because we enter naked. Are you looking for a painting at affordable prices? Try to get into the store Csaba Nagyhazy (still life and floral paintings really beautiful). For an intriguing Accommodation – with turkish bath available – try the Danubius Hotel Gellert.


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