ON THE MOUNTAIN OF THE GODS: Between Macedonia and Thessaly, to observe the world with divine eyes

monteOlimpo1.1Welcome to Greece, in the charming city of Thessaloniki. The route that we propose the citizen from the arch of Galerius (a piece of Roman history), the tower of Hormisdas (a shade of persia), Aghios Gherorghios (ancient place of worship) and the White Tower (a piece of Venice) . As you see, this was – and remains – a border city, open to the suggestions of the story. From above, you can see two cities: one high (with many colorful alleys), and bottom (the city designed by a Frenchman, after the earthquake of 1917). http://www.makedoniapalace.com/makedonia.hotel.1

We could go on the waterfront, now, in Irakliou to immerse yourself in the colors of the covered market. I booked a room at the Makedonia Palace Hotel, so you can watch the sea, this night, before leaving tomorrow morning to Mount Olympus (also to take a good coffee, arrived on the summit), but also up to an altitude of 2100 meters (to eat), and then continue to share in 2913, to watch the world with divine eyes. Tomorrow night, we will eat at Trigona Elenidis – corner of Gounari and Timisiki, Thessaloniki – Because its sweet, flaky triangular cones filled with cool and unbelievably tasty cream are legendary; locals come out with two-kilo boxes, but one large triangle will certainly fill you up). www.elenidis.gr/files/products.htm


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