EUBEA, YOUR HOUSE IN GREECE: Holidays in Sporades Islands

Welcome. Even today, I have waited, to continue our tour of the archipelago of the Sporades Islands, on the island Euboea. We will find forests of chestnut trees and many pine trees, but if you love the sea, we will be able to go on the lonely coast north through winding roads. We have the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum of ancient Eretria, to observe its beautiful gold jewelry, and even a Gorgon’s head. If you love mosaics, we can ask permission to photograph those of the House of the Mosaics (with lions, horses, panthers and sphinxes).

After the small town of Aliveri (remember to look at the medieval fortress), we will arrive in Styra – our destination – surrounded by olive groves and wheat fields. Right near this village, we will pay a visit to what we call “drakospita”, the houses of dragons. They are enigmatic buildings, large and low, made of stone slabs. Here we will stop to watch the sunset, and when everything around us is painted pink, we return to the sea in Marmari, for our Greek dinner.



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