Famous, even in midwinter, this island from the high Coast is waiting for you, now. Funchal-its capital-is an opportunity to taste the famous wines of the island but also for quiet walks or excursions can be enjoyed. I recommend you write some annotations, so as not to miss some opportunities: a walk in Praca do Municipio and the Museu de Arte Sacra, and the Forte de Sao Tiago (beautiful landscape, the sea).3.1

Moving outside Funchal, don’t forget to stop at Pico dos Barcelos (360 yards of sheer giddiness, of the sea). After 8 km, passing to Eira do Serrado will find a road carved on the rock (between eucalipiti and depths), until you get to Curral das Freiras, where you can see the incredible creative ability of volcanoes. If you have time available, an 80 km tour takes you into the center of the island, in lush vegetation. You can stop upstream, Terreiro da Luta and Pico Arieiro (spectacular, really, the panorama of the volcanic ridges).4.1

Before we say good-bye-as I do with all the friends-the latest tips, not to forget my island. The first, is to go to Sao Vicente, until you get to Cabo Girao (a landscape overlooking the sea, the most photographed, always). The second, to imagine with eyes our old way of life is to stop at Serra de Agua (a simple village, but in a charming position). A hug, by Miguel.


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