JOURNEY TO ANTEQUERA: Under the Sierra de Torcal, all the elegance of Andalusia

Sure, my city is also an industrial center (but this, you do not care). Let’s talk about what can make your trip a palatable in my city and in my land. In the lower part of the city, you’ll notice the two churches (San Sebastian and Los Trinitarios), but if you love archeology, I can accompany you in the Palacio Najera, because its museum preserves valuable pieces of the Roman era. My favorite church is that of Santa Maria la Mayor (preserves beautiful Mudejar chapels), and a little higher up we climb the tower of the Castillo (a mix Roman, Visigoth and Arabic).CONSEJERIA DE MEDIO AMBIENTE, JUNTA DE ANDALUCIA

Out of town – towards Granada – we can visit the area of ​​the dolmen, which still beautiful engravings. At 16 km, we expect the visit to the Torcal, and I hope it is a night with the moonlight, because observe this vast area filled with strange blocks of red marble is truly an experience not to be missed. 50 km west of the city, a challenge to your legs: Garganta del Chorro. What is it? A trail of 5 km (the Camino del Rey), which dates from a rock face. A pinch of Andalusian folklore? We can go in the small town of Cabra, a real jewel of Andalusia.

Alfredo, my name. Waiting for you.a.3.1


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