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YOUR HOME IN GREECE: Corfu, Ionian archipelago, moving among olive groves and old farmhouses

4Normally, Meeting Benches not accept editorial contributions which are related to commercial activities. Our friend Vassilis, we made an exception. In fact, we are grateful to him for letting us know some names of his treasure chest of memories, but we do not publish the name of his estate agency. Our invitation is to go to Corfu, preferably after doing a web search survey. Your contribution, tell us about the hidden treasures in your travels, writing to info@meetingbenches.com

2.1If looking for a house with doors and windows painted blue, you can not continue reading. Of course, I am talking about a Greek island, but of a land that has a history – and even homes – very different from those that you know. Four centuries of Venetian presence, of course, have left their mark, and, realizing it, just that you come into town – Corfu – while moving between narrow streets and small squares that nothing, believe me, nothing to envy in Venice. I sell homes, for many years now, but every time a foreigner my guest is with me, I turn to him the same invitation: “raises his eyes to the hills, looking small gray stone houses, and imagine gardens and orchards “.http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/greek_islands/ionian_islands/corfu3.1

My name is Vassilis, I know all the 600 square kilometers of my island, but its treasures are enclosed in my address book without pages, one of my childhood memories. Come on, I want to take you inside that casket, from a house in Kassiopi – one floor – a hill. That of Aghios Markos, is instead a structure on two floors, and includes in the price even a small garden. From the staircase, we can get to the church. A Gimari, on the northeastern coast of the island, this afternoon we will see a house of gray stone, surface 87 sqm on two floors, with garden.http://www.greeka.com/ionian/corfu/corfu-tourism.htmcopertina.1

That land which you see on the horizon is Albania. We arrived at our destination, Gimari. Also this corner house as you see, is in stone. In ancient times, it was an olive oil mill, and its 93 square meters there is still the old grinding wheel. The landscape around us has remained identical to that of my youth, with cypress trees, many cypress trees, and over 4 million olive trees. The coastline below us is the delight of tourists, because of its small coves surrounded by rocks contain tiny sandy beaches and discrete. This is the last house that I’ll show you, in Paleokastritsa. A villa of 110 square meters, divided into two buildings, with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Now I’ll take you to the hotel. Reflect on what you have seen today, but leaves the answer in the morning. This is my business card. Do not forget to Vassilis.http://www.corfu-kerkyra.eu/html/english/info.htm


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