COME ALONG WITH ME AT OGIGIA: Do not look for the island, because you can not find in any geographical map, but only inside your deepest desire of light and sea

1.1Hello, I have received your postcard – from an elliptical island, known as “The Black Pearl” – contains the image of a house, but the strange house made ​​of stones intrigued me, so I did some research and found that it has an area of ​​83 sq km and has a maximum height of 836 meters above the sea level, but for those looking for a cloudless sky and does not like the days without rain, maybe it’s better not to go to that island Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers too. Of course, after the Anglo-American bombing raids of2.1 the summer of 1943, no longer has to flee in underground caves, or in the open countryside – because of Pantelleria is back to wave a banner made ​​of three colors, those of the Italian flag – but in the African earth geographically and politically the European land now humans with dark skin.

3.1They are the result of a new and strange kind of piracy, where men, women and children fleeing from their countries and homes – spending heavy sums of money – in search of an unknown place, where to start living again. Ogygia, the navel of the Strait of Sicily – the name of the Homeric island inhabited by the nymph Calypso – not to attract Ulysses, but is home to two categories of new human beings, strangely moved to this place from opposite reasons.

4.1Tourists: escape from the alienation of their industrialized society and alienating, look for unspoiled nature and a pleasant Mediterranean pace of life. The refugees: they try to escape their fate of hunger and war without end, attracted not by new nymphs, but by the example of their predecessors in the same experience.

5.1Since the choice of a place to visit requires the acquisition of knowledge that relates to natural beauty and entertainment, history, traditions and local products, when I will go for the first time on the island of Pantelleria I will know already what I need to see, to taste and appreciate.

6.1Choose an island of Pantelleria offers for volcanic formation, which has a wonderful sea, guardian of a spectacular underwater world. Tourism in Pantelleria is not just beach holiday, because a tour Khamma-Tracino, Scauri-Rekale, Bukkuram, Kazzen and Karuscia, will offer the opportunity to discover routes that allow you to get in touch with the history of the island and its inhabitants.

8.1The architectural element that distinguishes Pantelleria is the “dammuso”, an ancient peasant house built with lava stone, and features a domed roof. This type of construction also had defensive character, and he was born as a result of frequent raids by pirates across the Mediterranean.

9.1Fortunately, today dammusi have been transformed into cozy homes for holidays, and throughout the island stand out in their white domes which project in a surreal dimension these homes that are now engaged in tourist locations. In the south-west – just because it was exposed to the sunsets – the typical “dammuso” has a plaster facade with white or pink, and a system of arches that protects the interior from the summer heat, but there are no arcs in those located in the north east island.

10.1Its dominant colors change with the seasons, because Pantelleria is able to be green, yellow and purple, but also black and bright. Throughout the year you can go fishing, or snorkeling, exploring the rich depths of the island, but also swimming and surfing / windsurfing, trekking and walking (or riding), in the green heart of the island and along the coasts.

copertina.1As you can imagine, for me it is also important aspect of food and wine of the places that I visit, and I have already found a wide range of specialties of meat and fish, vegetables and fruit. On my return from the island of Pantelleria, I will bring you two gifts: the elixir of grapes, raisins and a citrus marmalade, to share with you, and still dreaming, through taste and smell, the magic of that immense island cobalt, similar to that of our Vespa 300ie.


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