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SLOVAK CREATIVITY, FROM MAXIMILIANUS VALERIUS TO VELVET REVOLUTION – From Kosice to Uhrovec, to know four cities and five ways of making art.

Traveling into a Center-Europa small area, with many historical sites, during several millennia. Bez opatrnosti, aj šikovnosť je márna   (Without caution, even cleverness is futile). It is a Slovak say way. Many castles and parks with beautiful lakes and mountains, but also wonderful timeless villages. Its capital is the ideal destination for a long weekend. For a trip to Slovakia …

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VEGETARIAN, FASHION’S STYLIST AND PASSIONATE OF YOGA – Zuzana Kanisová: A stylist Internet maniac.

Helps you dress! (Whether you have 50 or 75 pounds). For her, the clothes that people wear must always match their personality and character. What is her working day like? It depends on what she are working on, whether it is a TV project or choosing clothes for a client. Her clothes always combine India’s sumptuous fabrics toghether https://www.instagram.com/zuzanakanisova/, inside …

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