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Raphael, between combining idealized reality, naturalism and refined expressiveness Located in the hills of the Marche region of Italy, Urbino https://www.italyheaven.co.uk/lemarche/urbino/ is an architectural jewel that played a vital role during the Renaissance. Of this fascinating city you cannot help but appreciate the historic center and the Renaissance walls, still almost intact, which enclose an urban complex of extraordinary homogeneity. …

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AT THE COURT OF AN ADVENTURE CAPTAIN – Federico da Montefeltro and the mystery of what is painted on wood

The landscapes of Piero della Francesca, between candied figs and walnuts You have probably already visited Castelluccio di Norcia and known the flowering of its meadows, discovering that they have colors similar to those used by the Renaissance painter Pietro della Francesca. Once in Urbino, we advise you to sleep in an ancient room of the SanPolo1544 https://sanpolo1544.com/, knowing the …

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JOURNEY INTO THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE – When you discover that, you are part of a timeless universe

Journey into beauty, from Ferrara to Urbino Ferrara, https://www.ferraraterraeacqua.it/en/discover-the-area/routes-and-tours/cycling-mountain-biking/ferrara.-the-renaissance-city?set_language=en, one of the first Italian cities having opened up to the Renaissance and the creative minds that represented it, she saw the Este family rearrange the inhabited area full of narrow and nauseating alleys, replacing them with new avenues and neighborhoods. By observing the facade of its cathedral of San Giorgio …

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BIRTH OF A GENIUS OF ART – Urbino, Good Friday of April 6, 1483, at three in the morning

Raffaello Sanzio and his Renaissance season At this moment, when the painter of grace and beauty died, an earthquake shook Rome and a storm obscured the sun. For Giorgio Vasari, Raffaello Sanzio was fond of women and carnal delights. Marcantonio Michiel, on the other hand, narrated that on the death of the great painter from Urbino, cracks were create inside …

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ON RAFFAELLO’S TRACES – A “author’s journey” from Urbino to Rome, following the artistic path of a creative genius.

Crossing the existential parable of a talent, through places and faces of his characters. In Urbino, the collections belonging to the National Gallery of the Marche, are on display in Ducal Palace (built for the Duke Federico da Montefeltro), http://www.gallerianazionalemarche.it/en/ducal-palace/ where next to his own rooms (between the twin turrets), the Duke had a splendid study built using wood inlay. …

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