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JOURNEY INTO PIEDMONT CREATIVITY – From lemon ice cream to Pumpkin Tavern, in good company

Five ways to combine art with a territory Sometimes, the artistic vein of a painter blossoms in a small town that is why our journey into Piedmontese creativity begins here. In Piedmont, on the northwestern border with the hills of the Monferrato Casalese, Quargnento http://www.comune.quargnento.al.it/ is a municipality in the Alessandria plain. Among its monuments, you will find the minor …

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ENIGMATIC PRESENCES, INSIDE A SILENT UNIVERSE – Riccardo Moncalvo and witness of the ‘900 Industrial Turin

Faceless figures Among the most beautiful squares in the city, there is Piazza Castello, but also the royal palace and Palazzo Madama are jewels that you can photograph. Another square in Turin is Piazza Vittorio Veneto, right on the edge of the Po River. Near the Egyptian Museum https://museoegizio.it/, you will find the building that in the nineteenth century was …

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