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INDIA, WHERE WHAT IS CREATIVES GENERATES ITSELF – If talent is the improvement of something that is already there

You do not buy it, nor do you learn: talent in India it is possessed If you are looking for colours, flavours & timelessness, choose your destination and the best places to visit in the state of Karnataka https://www.kstdc.co/blog/karnataka-top-15-destinations-and-places-to-visit/. In the south-west of India, bathed by the Arabian Sea, in the south-west you will find the magnificent Mysore temples. Hampi, …

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SUJATA BHATT’S MULTICULTURAL PERSPECTIVES – If language separates you from experience

Physical intensity of writing, where word is the thing itself She is one of the most distinctive of Indian poets writing in English. When she am most deeply absorbed in writing a poem, she feel that translating images, and sounds, such as should be the sweet rhythms: an emotional tone into her words. Her first collection won the Asian Commonwealth …

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