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THE SICILY OF AN EDITOR, IN STILL IMAGES – Enzo Sellerio, neorealist photographer and poet of disenchantment

A concrete commitment, as part of the Sicilian reality after World War II. Among his publications are books about traditional Sicilian artifacts. His black-and-white photographs depicted public aspects of Sicilian life. There is the world seen from Sicily in his photographic shots, where he captured the wonderful images of the small streets of Palermo, where the children of Kalsa with …

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FASCINATE THE WORLD, WITH THE MANY FACETS OF ART – Salvatore Fiume, the all-round artist

A complete creative, capable of declining his skills in the many fields of art In the southwestern part of the Province of Ragusa, Comiso awaits you, with a Buddhist monument (the Pagoda of Peace) located in front of a former missile base. In Piazza Fonte Diana, with foundations resting on a Roman bath, the eighteenth-century Palazzo Comunale houses a …

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A PHOTOGRAPHER WHO WRITES – Ferdinando Scianna: To capture a certain way of seeing things

When photography becomes the story of a human story 13 kilometers from Palermo, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and dominated by the mountains, Bagheria awaits you, a city that preserves a large amount of villas built in Baroque architecture. Palazzo Butera, aristocratic residence of 1658, is the most visited by tourists. Villa Cattolica, built in 1736, houses an art museum …

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LOVE FOR FASHION, ITALY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP – Domenico Dolce and Sicily, his inspiring muse

Being born in Sicily, where wherever you go there is beauty One of the most beautiful villages in Sicily, which seems to float above a sea of clouds, is Polizzi Generosa Nestled above the Madonie Mountains, it has very ancient origins. Its urban center reminds you of a distant architectural splendor never spent. Its gastronomic heritage offers you Badda …

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