PASSIONAL, FUNNY IRONIC AND GRATE TO GOD – Helen Yarmak: A Real Life Fairy Tale of Opulent Russian Style.

Creating a brand new perception of materials and their virtue. Stocking only the finest quality fur, in a variety of colours. Here, https://hg2.com/city/moscow/type/shops/, you will find fur hats, stoles, vests and full-length coats (as well as gorgeous handbags and jewellery). Visiting Moskow, you too can discover that boutique nestled within the Ritz-Carlton. It is one of three of HELEN YARMAK …

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WHEN CRAFTSMANSHIP AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE DEFINE FASHION WORK – Ulyana Sergeenko: Working with highly skilled ateliers and craftsmen.

When fashion style it is a Russian military, literary and fairytale influences. In St. Petersburg, people dress in layers. Russians, they saying winter lasts six months (the rest is autumn). Time by time, they signifying social status, emotional or psychological condition. Yes, it is the clothes that offer a first impression (and good clothes open all doors), but think twice …

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