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BETWEEN INCAN MINIMALISM AND SPANISH BAROQUE – Traveling in Peru, happier than a cat in a fish market.

Think your sense of color; get it from a Peruvian journey. After our trip to Paraguay http://meetingbenches.com/2019/02/where-sometimes-going-backward-its-moving-forward-travel-paraguay-where-your-memory-remembers-words-without-forgets-what-is-behind-them/, our basket of memories will enriched with something new in Perù: To know the deep roots of this country, you need two things: a place to stay and an artist who talks about the connection between art and Peruvian nature. Once home to …

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COMO SI NADA, SOLITA, BUSCANDOTE – Mia Mont: Peruvian’s musicians female revelation.

Love’s songs into thirty years of life. Very good music records in Lima? Dischi Barricata, a store specializing in vinyl records, at Avenida Brasil 1275 (Store 39-B 2nd level).Various Andean communities preserve thousands of pre-Hispanic sounds and traditional rhythms even today. Its lyrics are pure poetry: song La Flor de la Canela is one of the most famous Peruvian songs …

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