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BE A CREATIVE IN MADRID – Six ways to generate something beautiful in Spain

Expressive versatility in art, on six sides of its base polygon For a few years, Spain https://www.spain.info/en/ has implemented a real strategic plan for the promotion of cultural activities and creative industries, providing for interventions related to the development of professional skills. The influence of the creative approach has ancient and widespread traditions throughout the Spanish territory, but what we …

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BECOME A POPULAR SPANISH ILLUSTRATOR – The creative verve of Raul Arias, between Reader’s Digest and Jack London

An image worker rather than an artist By condensing them in his mind, he translates concepts and is able to synthesize them. He likes to draw achievable things, even do murals with street artists. At his creative debut, Raul Arias http://www.raularias.com/ was not only an audiovisual animator, but he also collaborated with publishers and advertising agencies. After these experiences, he …

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