February 24, 2024 5:25 am


MOVING IN THE COUNTRY OF DIVERSITY – Philippines: an “author’s journey” by Paco up to Maribojoc, along with three special friends.

Peaceful country, that will make you feel at home. Spanish Franciscan missionaries founded the town as early as 1580. Paco was known as Dilao (the color yellow), because of the Amaryllis plants that here were once plentiful. During time, Paco was incorporated as one of the eleven municipal districts of the new city of Manila. A Sikh Temple is located …

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THE TASTE OF LANGUAGE, MAPPED BY MANY COLORS – Marjorie Evasco: gathering broken shards, in memory of those who went ahead of us.

In the rooms of love, the landscape is not always seamless. It was known to be a fishing village when Jesuit priests first landed here, but it is know for a famous poet. Offers you a panoramic view of the neighboring island, Cebu province. Going there may take at about 30 minutes from the capital to the town. Maribojoc it …

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