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YOUR LONDON’S CREATIVE COLLAGE – Discovering the creative industry of a city

Walking next to the world’s most creative talents Built in 1700 and rebuilt in 1876, it claims to have been the first pub to sell Porter. Welcome to 39 Great Eastern (Shoreditch, London), where an inconspicuous pub the Old Street Tube https://www.theoldbluelast.com/, gives you the opportunity to observe an incredibly trendy clientele while enjoying lunchtime snacks not forgetting that the …

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A LONDON BASED FASHION BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER – John Sansom, create something beautiful

When authenticity breathes through photographic work If you want to add something useful and memorable to your journey into London creativity, you may want to consider purchasing a book that covers topics related to fashion. A well-stocked library certainly has vast areas reserved for this subject. Choose yours and ask for The little pink book. Ny-Lon-Paris shopping https://www.ibs.it/the-little-pink-book-ny-libri-vintage-vari/e/2560752062063, or The …

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