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THE FREE THINKER WITH THE GUITAR – Stefano Rosso and his dishonest story

The music that comes from night clubs and taverns The Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist Stefano Rosso was born in Rome in the winter of 1948. After high school he started working as a baker, however, in the back of a greengrocer’s shop he learned the secrets of the guitar from a friend of his. Thus was born his simple …

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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE IN THE WORLD – Andrea Bocelli, a crossover performer

If God would have a voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli Tuscan hills of grass velvet, low and emerald. An unreal landscape that will attract the attention of your eyes when, not far from Volterra, you will arrive in small Lajatico, where no photographer would be able to capture the uniqueness of the intense colors and …

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WHEN FASCINATION FOR JAZZ BECOMES THE AIR YOU BREATHE – Paolo Conte, the songwriter with two loves (his country and Paris)

Over time made up of enigmatic weeks Area of hills, streams and vineyards, it has a city with a skyline with a medieval taste, enlivened by over 100 towers. Local food and wine offers you the opportunity to savor Spumante and Barbera. Welcome to Asti, in the heart of Monferrato. In its Piazza Campo Palio, in September you can admire …

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THE SONGWRITER OF UNIVERSAL LOVE – Umberto Bindi: A man massacred, derided humiliated and then forgotten

Unforgettable words, to renew light music Here in Genoa, between the Porto Antico and Piazza de Ferrari, where the wind brings you the scent of the sea, ruffling your hair, your itinerary is born on the roads of Ligurian singer-songwriters. At the beginning, you will have to think of Fabrizio De Andrè and Gino Paoli, but along with the aroma …

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