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WHERE THEY INVENTED CRICKET, TO HAVE IDEA OF ETERNITY – From Arbroath to Dalston, following the creative vein of four special people.

Traveling where you too will say, “I’m leaving because the weather is too good”. Born on a March day, 1865 in Sunderland, she was the daughter of a Presbyterian minister from Scotland. She is seen as a forerunner of a Scottish renaissance in inter-war poetry. Her prose writings were mainly in standard English. MARION ANGUS was a Scottish poet who …

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THE FAMILY PRODUCT OF CLERICAL AND SOCIAL REFORMER MEN – Marion Angus: Broaden horizons through reading, even when traveling abroad.

Even when her wit was mordant, she had a capacious and most generous heart. Sunderland is a city at the mouth of the River Wear. There are 77 commemorative blue plaques spread out across the city, which mark buildings, places of interest or influential people. Creating something is a powerful form of self-expression, and it can influence other people. The …

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AN ARCHAIC VISION OF A GOLDEN AGE OF INNOCENCE – Edward Calvert, British printmaker and painter.

Growing into Brotherhood of the Ancients. All things make Dalston a great place to explore. Looking for fried chicken and cocktail Chick ’n’ Sours restaurant http://www.chicknsours.co.uk/ waiting for you at 390 Kingsland Rd. Generally fills up with artsy types on a Friday or Saturday night. In theatre-light east London, situated in the Turkish community in Dalston, the Arcola Theatre https://www.arcolatheatre.com/ …

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