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A WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE IN BALAGTAS – Francisco Balagtas and his poem Florante at Laura

The injustices of the Filipino natives, in the Tagalog language Born in April 1788, Francisco Balagtas https://artsandculture.google.com/entity/francisco-balagtas/m030402?hl=en was a Tagalog-speaking scholar during the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. Considered the Prince of Tagalog poets because of his masterpiece Florante at Laura, to go to school in exchange for domestic service, when he was young, he went to a distant …

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WRITING VISITS, LIKE GRACE – Merlinda Bobis; postcolonial conflicts, alongside the borders of transnationalism

When painting with words is cheap Merlinda Bobis https://www.merlindabobis.com.au/biography.htm is a Philippine-Australian writer and academic. Her poems includes a bilingual epic, which she recites in live performances. Her greatest gift is the comfort of transformation. Written in both Filipino and English, her works integrates elements of the traditional culture with modern experience. Now she lives in Australia, but was born in Legaspi …

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