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PRAISE FOR PURITY – Bolivia, through the eyes of those born there

Through forests, close to the Jurassic period Preparing a trip to Bolivia https://www.worldlyadventurer.com/traveling-bolivia/, the first images that immediately come to mind are those of a mountain and plateau landscape. This region hosts famous places, such as the Salar de Uyuni and Lake Titicaca. The Altiplano is indeed a succession of landscapes of original beauty: on one side the Cordillera Real, …

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YOUNG AND PERSONAL VISION IN FASHION CREATIONS – Erika Wiese: Perpetuate and preserve Bolivian native culture, through design

Make fashion, using family heritage and the different cultures  The men of this city avoid traditional clothes; adopting clothing that is more western. In La Paz, Calle Sagarnaga and its surrounding streets host the largest tourist market in the city. Objects such as caps, sweaters, leg warmers, scarves and gloves are used to keep the cold away, while brightly colored …

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