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WHERE THE STONES SPEAK – Author’s journey to Scotland

Shades of Scottish creativity Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newarthill, Tipton, Dalkeith and Gretna Green. Welcome where creativity is able to manifest itself in places full of history, but also in remote villages wrapped in the scent of salt. Among the many possibilities of a trip to Scotland, there is a special one, but to live it you will need to …

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FINE TASTE SUBJECTS AND SKILL PICTURES – Robert Turnbull Macpherson, the father of photography, in the Eternal City

I am a photographer, without any feeling that by doing, so I have abandoned art At the beginning of the 1860s, his photographic career was at the zenith, with exhibitions in Edinburgh and London. Nothing is know about the childhood of this Scottish photographer, but we have news of him about his medical studies at the University of Edinburgh. Robert …

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SHE WAS NOT A PERSON TO WHOM THINGS HAPPEN – Muriel Spark, writer by humorous and slightly unsettling fantasy

Satire and wit, around serious themes To her, education was a leading out of what is already there in the soul. Born in Edinburgh in 1918, she attended a girls’ high school there. In 1935, Muriel Spark graduated in summary writing, teaching English and worked as a clerk in a department store. She married following her husband in present-day …

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PRINCES, LORDS AND HONEST MEN – Travel Scotland, where you will wink at your small faults

Better be the lucky man, than the lucky man’s son Fascinating ruins of a fortress that has its roots in 1,000 years of history There is the reconstruction of a catapult, and you could find a bagpiper. A splendid combination of history and natural beauty, near Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle continues to be heavily photograph, but you will …

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