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THE DIVINERS – Romance, by Margaret Laurence

She began writing short stories shortly after her marriage. Jean Margaret Laurence was born in 1926. She was a Canadian novelist, one of the major figures in Canadian literature. In 1944 she attended Winnipeg’s United College (an arts and theology college associated with the University of Manitoba). She became associated with the intellectual movement the “Social Gospel”, which remained important …

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EXISTENTIALIST IDEAS MADE WITHOUT EMBARRASSMENT – Milton Acorn: Cold bundles within falling heavens

His power comes from images always drawn from everyday Island life. Milton James Rhode Acorn was a Canadian poet. He was born in Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island) and was a World War II veteran. http://meetingbenches.com/2017/04/stunning-canadian-landscapes-quebec-region/ In Montreal he published his early poems in an political magazine. With a radical personality and strong working-class sentiments, he translated these elements into his …

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