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COMMITTED AND INDEPENDENT, DESPITE HER HUSBAND – Martine Franck, the photographer who found a captivating way not to be silent

Being one of the few women of Magnum Photos What struck her about photography was the desire to understand and understand each other, a relentless quest for life. She longed to be recognized for her work, yet throughout her career she often found herself uncomfortable growing professionally alongside her husband. In 1970, in London they planned to stage her first …

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THE NEOCLASSICAL HYBRIDS BY BRUNO PIETERS – Rebuilding the classics of fashion, transforming them into something new

When clothes tell themselves honestly His fashion brand emphasizes who, how and where a certain type of clothing is manufactured, sharing the effects of its production with the consumer. For his way of seeing things, the founder of Honest by (the first truly sustainable fashion brand), and fashion is a celebration of beauty. Faced with poor working conditions in countries …

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