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ROMAN STORNELLI, AMONG ECHOES, ILLUSIONS AND DESIRES – Roman holidays, between Trastevere flowers and bright stars

The color of the sunset and of the ancient stones Getting to know Rome, listening to some songs, but we will need a little glossary. Only the Romans, in fact, know everything about their city. Listening to three musical pieces that speak of Rome you will discover that the Ponentino is the wind that caresses the air, you will know …

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ROMAN HOLIDAYS, BETWEEN HILLS, TOWNS AND CARROZZES – Antonello Venditti / When time stops in Rome.

No sex without love. It’s hard law in my heart. What are the most beautiful works of painter Raphael to see in Rome? In Vatican City, entering the Stanza della Segnatura you can admire “The School of Athens“, a large fresco with a base of 770 cm. Many of the philosophers who are portrayed there are coeval personalities with Raphael …

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