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SIX SHADES OF MEXICAN CREATIVITY – Where one hand dreams what the other writes

Author’s journey where coincidences sprout on the gears of fate The best time to go is from November to April, during the dry season. A trip to Mexico is essential for tourism lovers. Whether you are draw to the heart of Mayan culture, or its fantastic colonial cities, you will certainly not be disappointed. Of course, you will find that …

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THE HYBRID AESTHETICISM OF A PHOTOGRAPHER, RIDING THE RIO GRANDE – Rubén Ortiz Torres, Mexican visual artist who draws on Zapata, Disney and punk culture

Expressions of art, between tropics’s utopia and complexities of the present Through sporting images and portraits of Mexican heroes, his work draws on visual sources concerning two nations. Born in 1964 in Mexico City, the Mexican photographer, painter and director Rubén Ortiz Torres https://visarts.ucsd.edu/people/faculty/rub%C3%A9n-ortiz-torres.html created, among other things, a video installation entitled Alien Toy, included in the 1997 show InSite in …

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