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Italian | 2013 | ISBN: 14018115666 | 360 pages

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Italian | 2013 | ISBN: 14018115667 | 322 pages

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Italian | 2013 | ISBN: 14018115668 | 434 pages

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Italian | 2013 | ISBN: 14018115669 | 219 pages

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Italian | 2013 | ISBN: 1601815158| 32 pages

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 Italian | 2014 | ISBN: 1601815165| 133 pages

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Italian | 2013 | ISBN: 1601815166| 470 pages

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  2. Pingback: CAMARGUE, PROVENCE, FRANCE: An incredible secret world where the impossible is possible | Meeting Benches

  3. Pingback: THE CAVE OF CHAUVET, FRANCE: amazing 500 feet deep, engraved and painted magically | Meeting Benches

  4. Pingback: DISSOLVED IN WINTER POEMS: With Dastilige Nevante, scratching benches, to return to being a child | Meeting Benches

  5. Pingback: SAINTES-MARIES DE LA MER, FRANCE: With the eyes of the spring, along with gypsies and Sara the Black. | Meeting Benches

  6. Pingback: NO ONE CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS: The dog doesn’t bark in two villages at the same time. A man cannot keep your feet on both banks of the river | Meeting Benches

  7. Pingback: SAILING ON THE RHONE: Amazement, wine, and oil, are not included in the price | Meeting Benches

  8. Pingback: MAS DU LION, Camargue: Suspended between heaven and earth, embracing the amazement painted green | Meeting Benches

  9. Pingback: THE LAST ROW: They were chained, shaved, stripped of everything, but not about the hope of freedom | Meeting Benches

  10. Pingback: SOUS LES SABOTS, THE CAMARGUE: Watch a flamingo is nice, but admire it while you’re riding is fantastic | Meeting Benches

  11. Pingback: VAN GOGH AND PICASSO: A head-to-head to be missed, bathed in the light and colors of Arles | Meeting Benches

  12. Pingback: RITUALS OF EMOTION: From the novel WAITING FORAUSTERLITZ, a page of his second chapter | Meeting Benches

  13. Pingback: A NOTEBOOK OF WOOD PULP: From the novel WAITING FOR AUSTERLITZ, a page of his fourth chapter | Meeting Benches

  14. Pingback: STRANGE FEELINGS: In the seas of the moon, you do not are able to dive | Meeting Benches

  15. Pingback: RUE SAINT MAUR: The blackberry flavor and tenderness of the red valerian | Meeting Benches

  16. Pingback: GIACOMO, BY THE MALATESTA SOGLIANO: Knocking on a door of the Coronary Roman street, the house of a courtesan honest | Meeting Benches

  17. Pingback: VERONICA FRANCO, VENICE: If I could be certain of your love | Meeting Benches

  18. Pingback: BELIANSKA JASKINA, SLOVAKIA: A hunting lodge, at an altitude of 717 | Meeting Benches

  19. Pingback: THEY WERE A PLATOON: Brothers in weapons. Together they ate, they marched and they ransacked | Meeting Benches

  20. Pingback: WAITING FOR THE MORNING: Saber in left hand, again a bitten into an apple, waiting for Magdalenka | Meeting Benches

  21. Pingback: ROME, CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA IN ARACOELI: The act votive is loose, they can go home | Meeting Benches

  22. Pingback: THE DIOCESE OF MARALAL, KENYA: The lion, sleeps with a baby antelope Orix | Meeting Benches

  23. Pingback: SCHADOWS ON THE CHAMPS ELYSEES: A rapist with a white hat with a visor, a policewoman with red hair | Meeting Benches

  24. Pingback: SEKALA AND NISKALA: After the darkness of the night, immersed in the sunshine of the greatest light, that shines always, on top of you | Meeting Benches

  25. Pingback: THE NIGHT OF THE SEVEN DISAPPOINTMENTS: Embrace the future, until the end | Meeting Benches

  26. Pingback: THE BALCONY OF WONDER: Urbino and its Renaissance Ducal Palace. Jewels of brick and stone suspended between heaven and earth | Meeting Benches

  27. Pingback: RUFIJI RIVER, TANZANIA: Far from the ghosts of the past, under a cobalt blue sky | Meeting Benches

  28. Pingback: DINNER WITH GUIDOBALDO: Inside the magnificent ducal houses, drinking and eating what has not been forgotten | Meeting Benches

  29. Pingback: DANCING IN THE EMOTIONS: On the edge of a piece of eternity, sniffing intentions | Meeting Benches

  30. Pingback: WAITING FOR THE BATTLE: The expectation of remaining unharmed, the joy of returning to think about a loved one | Meeting Benches

  31. Pingback: THE NIGHTS OF AIGUE-MORTES: Leaning out at the edge of a sinkhole relational, without horizons, with no boundaries | Meeting Benches

  32. Pingback: LIKE PAYNET: A dinner at Fouquet’s, walking toward the joy of living | Meeting Benches

  33. Pingback: THE SUN OF AUSTERLITZ: They were advancing shoulder to shoulder, to the sound of drums that punctuated the marching | Meeting Benches

  34. Pingback: THE TIME OF THE RUSTY: Moving in a tunnel between the old and strange pottery shattered chains | Meeting Benches

  35. Pingback: JACQUES DELORS IS CHANGING HOUSE: The excitement of meeting and openness to change, filling boxes and forgetting old wounds | Meeting Benches

  36. Pingback: SEVEN YELLOW ROSES: The symbol of hospitality, the awareness of something | Meeting Benches

  37. Pingback: ONE NIGHT IN ROAD CORONARI: Moving between pimps and honest courtesans, courts and brothels, waiting for a new Pope | Meeting Benches

  38. Pingback: SMALL PIECES OF INFINITY: A letter, a miniature of a face and a campfire | Meeting Benches

  39. Pingback: FALLING IN LOVE: A hot chocolate, sweet and bitter, the taste and the warmth of all the emotions of life | Meeting Benches

  40. Pingback: THE SCENT OF APPLES: Arriving in a lonely island, made of hay and tied, hugging each other, in all the shores of their own emotions | Meeting Benches

  41. Pingback: THE RAIDERS OF THE SEA: Staying in ambush or escape, to escape the prison of the oar | Meeting Benches

  42. Pingback: ON FLIGHT, THE INK OF EMOTIONS: Open the window at night, looking at the inner depths of the universe | Meeting Benches

  43. Pingback: LEAVE THE BERTHS: Paddlers and crew, pilgrims and mice. Everyone was waiting for the pilot to tame the winds and the seabed, dodging enemy flotillas | Meeting Benches

  44. Pingback: THE INVISIBLE CHAINS: Paris does not sleep under the snow in November, but listen to the sound of aggression subway | Meeting Benches

  45. Pingback: AUGUST 13, THE FEAST OF LEFT-HANDED PEOPLE: Manage special aptitudes, renewing meetings where you can recognize, again and forever | Meeting Benches

  46. Pingback: SCRUTINIZE IN EYES: Look for the happy moment and choose three words, wearing a green and black striped pajamas | Meeting Benches

  47. Pingback: THE EDGE OF LIMINALITY: A postal package and a closed affair, away from the memories of a mature experience | Meeting Benches

  48. Pingback: THE BANDITS OF TEVERMORTO: A square illuminated by torches, running in the direction of the houses in flames | Meeting Benches

  49. Pingback: DAYDREAMING: Touching the key you want, the Isle of left-handed people | Meeting Benches

  50. Pingback: BLACK ON WHITE, WHITE ON BLACK: The steps of involvement, from stone carvings of Cheke, pastry Ghigi Morciano | Meeting Benches

  51. Pingback: COURTESAN HONEST AND THE MAN OF ARMS: Hearts delicate and strong, armed and trained to win | Meeting Benches

  52. Pingback: TATRA MOUNTAINS, SLOVAKIA: A cave and a sterile mask, covering the nose and mouth, looking at what remains of the lives of others | Meeting Benches

  53. Pingback: AN OLD NOTEBOOK, AT PLACE DAUPHINE: The extraordinary life of a soldier of the first Napoleonic Empire | Meeting Benches

  54. Pingback: THE DUST OF TIME: Looking scars and fractures, leather gloves and doublets | Meeting Benches

  55. Pingback: TATRA NATIONAL PARK, SLOVAKIA: A strange summer solstice in Belianska Jaskyna, including ambulances and police | Meeting Benches

  56. Pingback: WALKING IN ANCIENT FANO: A small bell tower and courtyards of novice nuns, who still retain their fragile secrets | Meeting Benches

  57. Pingback: ASTONISHMENT, LOOSE IN WINTER POEMS: With Dastilige Nevante to swim in deep, looking attitudes of the heart | Meeting Benches

  58. Pingback: LONG AND STRAIGHT, RAN THE ROAD: With moist eyes, and heart racing wildly, waiting for the roar of the crash | Meeting Benches

  59. Pingback: A WOMAN OF A SOVEREIGN CHOICE: Sand of the Camargue, a sunset and a camera, to capture an emotion | Meeting Benches

  60. Pingback: LETTER FROM A BATTLEFIELD: Stealing bottles of wine and listen to the cawing of the crows, with strange women’s clothing in a backpack, which in Vienna are called underpants | Meeting Benches

  61. Pingback: RUST OF TIME: Along with Jacopo and Bianca, to observe dresses gold brocade waistcoats and delicious, beautiful illuminated books and spurs encrusted | Meeting Benches

  62. Pingback: TWO SNOWFLAKES AND A DESERT CHOCOLATE SHOP: Live, coloring emotions sunrises and sunsets, in anticipation of what identifies you and complete, like you, like a snowflake | Meeting Benches

  63. Pingback: BAGS FILLED WITH APPLES AND A HANDKERCHIEF flowery Objects almost dissolved, transparent and thin, witnessing the foreboding and the weight of the impossible. | Meeting Benches

  64. Pingback: MALINDI, RESTAURANT KB KAREN BLIXEN: Chatting under a starry sky, next to a mango tree, waiting to return to the home of Silver Sand Road | Meeting Benches

  65. Pingback: THE NICE BLACK HOLE OF THE COMMISSIONER HOCHSHORNER: He felt healthy and normal, without any reduction of his erotic fantasies | Meeting Benches

  66. Pingback: A MIRROR IN AN ETERNITY TIMELESS: A distant season of chaos and pain, the need to innovate, looking into their eyes | Meeting Benches

  67. Pingback: THE BATTLE OF THE THREE EMPERORS: They were advancing shoulder to shoulder, but would stop to shoot a hundred yards from their enemies | Meeting Benches

  68. Pingback: ANOTHER STEP TOWARDS THE DUCAL PALACE OF URBINO: Porta Valbona and Mercatale, a spiral ramp and a look in a timeless landscape | Meeting Benches

  69. Pingback: THE COMMISSIONER UNSUSPICIOUS CURTEJ: A pair of binoculars, a gun and a cigarette, waiting to cook a special meal | Meeting Benches

  70. Pingback: VIENNA, KAHLENBERG HOTSPOT: A special place where everything comes together in the shadows of the night | Meeting Benches

  71. Pingback: GIACOMO MALATESTA, LORD OF MONTECODRUZZO: A bow and a knowing smile to the joys of the present, without forgetting the lessons of the past | Meeting Benches

  72. Pingback: PARIS, RUE OBERKAMPF AND SURROUNDING AREA: The strange family Kellerman and a window overlooking the courtyard, observing the rituals of emotion and the geometries of reason | Meeting Benches

  73. Pingback: THE FANTASTIC MAP OF ROSSELLA FANTI: Independence, Haven of peace and Glade of Contemplation. | Meeting Benches

  74. Pingback: NAMIBIA, PLAN YOUR TRIP: Get, the climate, the suitcases, the regolenei parks | Meeting Benches

  75. Pingback: THE STARS OF HEAVEN CARIGNANO: The gentle warmth on the face of a woman and the wonder of the eyes of a man, by the light of the moon, melted in an identical nebula | Meeting Benches

  76. Pingback: YOU ARE FREE, NO MORE IN CHAINS: Let yourself be enslaved by small coves and crystal clear sea, a sweet penitentiary where you can be surrounded by the scent of rosemary | Meeting Benches

  77. Pingback: HALF FARMER, HALF SAILOR: Come with me in Argentario, to savor what’s left of summer, and smell the autumn | Meeting Benches

  78. Pingback: THE ISLAND OF CUDDLES: Birds without a cage, public benches and good flavor of fresh jam | Meeting Benches

  79. Pingback: A SMALL FIRE: Crawling in the bowels of the earth, protecting your light, before the flame goes out | Meeting Benches

  80. Pingback: ONE NIGHT, ONE STARRY SKY: Where to build arches, made of words, throwing away secret intentions | Meeting Benches

  81. Pingback: ASSANE DIAWARA, THE COLLECTOR OF BROKEN LIVES: He did not know the delicacy of the pomegranates, and even the value of a privacy violated | Meeting Benches

  82. Pingback: SELOUS GAME RESERVE, TANZANIA: The Earthly Paradise had existed, could only have been created in those places | Meeting Benches

  83. Pingback: A MIRROR FAR AWAY, IN A SUMMER SOLSTICE: An intriguing conversation, with words painted yellow, waiting for the world to fall in love with night | Meeting Benches

  84. Pingback: HORIZONS IN APRIL: The sky above Carignano and the bowels of the earth | Meeting Benches

  85. Pingback: STRICTEMENT CONFIDENTIAL: A document holders elegant and delicate case to be discussed, alongside a snowy courtyard | Meeting Benches

  86. Pingback: ADVERSITY AND COURAGE: Living in a state of grace under pressure | Meeting Benches

  87. Pingback: BRATISLAVA, A HOUSE, ON THE FOURTH FLOOR: Prepare a suitcase, waiting for the trip to Provence, by selecting the essential, but not limited ver dress | Meeting Benches

  88. Pingback: THE OLD TOWER OF CARIGNANO: A roof terrace which opens up a horizon timeless, carrying the memory of distant events | Meeting Benches

  89. Pingback: WAITING FOR AUSTERLITZ: An inn of Moravia and the meeting of two human beings, in the end of a memorable November | Meeting Benches

  90. Pingback: THE VILLAGE OF WASTE: Balconies in Bloom and the “fair horned” in a May morning, looking at dead things back to life | Meeting Benches

  91. Pingback: OBSERVED IN THE DARK, DISTINCTLY: Splitting wood, summer, waiting for a return | Meeting Benches

  92. Pingback: FOUR SHADES OF WONDER: Leafing through the pages of four novels, in the emotions and the next day – near and far – that fade over time | Meeting Benches

  93. Pingback: THE GIFT OF AUSTERLITZ: The imminence of things, the one that lives in the skin, together with the perception of emotions | Meeting Benches

  94. Pingback: SINKHOLES EXISTENTIAL: With Jacques Delors, in the alpine region of the Vercors, noting heaven and earth, water and emotions | Meeting Benches

  95. Pingback: WELCOME HOME KELLERMAN: The island of pampering and a strange rebellious curl inside a house in Sourdun | Meeting Benches

  96. Pingback: THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES: An old book and together they fantasize, including two dofferenti campaigns of their own lives | Meeting Benches

  97. Pingback: MOVING HOME DELORS: Parting from the superfluous things, watching the metamorphosis of snow-white rooms | Meeting Benches

  98. Pingback: TWENTY THOUSAND NIGHTS BEFORE THIS: A window on the Marecchia, listening to the echo of sounds and words while off | Meeting Benches

  99. Pingback: THE INN OF THE BLACK CAT: Cross the snowy Apennines, covered with steel and numbed by the cold, waiting for a safe home | Meeting Benches

  100. Pingback: THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF JACOPO RUCELLAI: Love and war, brutality and passion, in an old notebook yellowed by time, over a second-hand book stall, Place Dauphine | Meeting Benches

  101. Pingback: THE FACTORY OF HEALTH: A small spider in love with a motorcycle, the extraordinary richness of everyday life | Meeting Benches

  102. Pingback: THE TRAIN TO PARIS: A novel stopped on the tracks, four people on the tracks, and a question mark | Meeting Benches

  103. Pingback: A SKYLARK TO JACOPO: Fresh snow and a young female deer. A timeless tenderness, under the Full Moon | Meeting Benches

  104. Pingback: WET WATER, IN THE RAIN: A door that opens, a man waiting for a woman who wonders | Meeting Benches

  105. Pingback: SAINT-MARIES-DE-LA-MER, A SMALL FISHING TOWN: venerating Sara la Kali – the mythic patron of the Gypsies | Meeting Benches

  106. Pingback: ROME, ONE MORNING, A CAMPO DEI FIORI: Monday and Saturday a horse market, but that February 17th the show was different | Meeting Benches

  107. Pingback: THE HOUSE OF ALWAYS FOR JACOPO: Two small deer and their mother next to fears of a hussar | Meeting Benches

  108. Pingback: FOUR SHADES OF WONDER: Novels, surrounded by the great historical events of humanity, but also the feelings enelleemozioni of their protagonists. | Meeting Benches

  109. Pingback: JUNE 20, CAMARGUE, SUMMER SOLSTICE: To explore Canal de Rhone from Sète to Beaucaire, writing some pages of book | Meeting Benches

  110. Pingback: GAME RESERVE SAMBURU, KENYA: Between boom and lichens, waiting one morning, to see what can not be feared | Meeting Benches

  111. Pingback: THE ROAD TO OLMUTZ: On the battlefield of Austerlitz, crows everywhere. As they eat, they do not distinguish the color of the uniforms, and their indifference is similar to that of men. | Meeting Benches

  112. Pingback: HOTEL FORT MAUCHE MAXIMILIENNE: To start excursions around, drowsing in the Etang de la Dame and the Anse du Repos. | Meeting Benches

  113. Pingback: EMOTIONS OF THE RENAISSANCE: A travel diary in Central Italy, starting from Fano | Meeting Benches

  114. Pingback: EIGHT OCTOBER 1571, SAIL FOR THE WEST: After the battle of Lepanto, the division of the spoils, with the count of lost friends. | Meeting Benches

  115. Pingback: THE KITCHEN OF MAIDANCHINI HOUSE: The sweets marzipan, almond paste, soft nougat and candied fruits were stored neatly on the shelf at the side of the aquarium, near piles of fruit and vegetables. | Meeting Benches

  116. Pingback: SUMMER SOLSTICE, THAT TORMENTED HIM EVERY YEAR: One image, possibly resembling to Monika, from town called Sabinov, the sinner, child of only twelve years. | Meeting Benches

  117. Pingback: OPEN FEEL WITH THEMSELVES: The old yellowed papers from the years passed on to his skin where the distant longing loneliness | Meeting Benches

  118. Pingback: THE DESERT AROUND LAKE TURKANA: Many stories, in the emotional life of Rossella, and the last, as often happens, was the biggest disappointment | Meeting Benches

  119. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: New ebook, the opportunity to seize the Renaissance in a unique perception, iconic and echoic | Meeting Benches

  120. Pingback: THE CESSATION OF HOSTILITIES, ON AUSTERLITZ: The French army surrendered to the enemy only one of their Eagles | Meeting Benches

  121. Pingback: GIVEN REFUGE TO HIS SOUL: Even so child expects to become an adult human | Meeting Benches

  122. Pingback: EVERYTHING WAS STILL MORE COMFORTABLE: Those unfortunates rowed, slept, ate and defecated in the same place, the bare deck under their bench vogue. | Meeting Benches

  123. Pingback: THE CONVERSATION MOVED ON TO ANOTHER TOPIC: > | Meeting Benches

  124. Pingback: TO THE EAST OF THE STARRY SKY OF DECEMBER: He wanted her to understand, that for him nothing had changed | Meeting Benches

  125. Pingback: ON A SMAL PLANE, TANZANIAN INTERIOR LINES: Close to the Rufiji River | Meeting Benches

  126. Pingback: DISSOLVE THEMSELVES IN THE MAGIC OF THE PAST FASCINATING: The emotions of the Italian Renaissance, lived together the events of the protagonists of a gripping novel of love and adventure | Meeting Benches

  127. Pingback: SHE HAD NOTFORGOTTEN: the people of the desert, those shepherds who perpetuated the lifestyle of their ancestors, wrapped in a red blanket and traditional hair tinged with ocher | Meeting Benches

  128. Pingback: THE MAGIC OF THE PAST FASCINATING: The emotions of the Italian Renaissance, lived together the events of the protagonists of a gripping novel of love and adventure | Meeting Benches

  129. Pingback: TRAVELLING AND LOVE: Whenever he was preparing his luggage, this represented an indefinable feeling of pleasure | Meeting Benches

  130. Pingback: THE FEDERICIANA LIBRARY: Together with an old friend she continue to delve into the history of one old castle | Meeting Benches

  131. Pingback: GOOD EYES AND LONG MEMORYH: One man,and its notebook paper inked | Meeting Benches

  132. Pingback: IN THE WIND: Waiting for new looks | Meeting Benches

  133. Pingback: THE FIRST RENAISSANCE ITINERARY: 106 km in just over three hours, starting from Fano | Meeting Benches

  134. Pingback: CLUTCHING THE SLOW CRESCENDO OF LIGHT: Ready to go to the Lake Mzizima | Meeting Benches

  135. Pingback: THE KEYS OF THE TIME: In a month his lieutenant would have celebrated his birth anniversary | Meeting Benches

  136. Pingback: SHE FELL LOVE: In the way as human gets asleep. Slowly, very slowly and then suddenly, completely | Meeting Benches

  137. Pingback: ON THE WAY TO FIORENZUOLA: She took off her shoes, and goes before me onto the beach | Meeting Benches

  138. Pingback: THE HORIZONTAL PROGRESSION: Launched the top of a rope with a spear gun, in direction of the black hole | Meeting Benches

  139. Pingback: MEETING BENCHES, THE RENAISSANCE ITINERARY: The second itinerary, starting from Pesaro. 5 km inan hour and half | Meeting Benches

  140. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: November 28. The Italian Renaissance, with the eyes of Stendhal | Meeting Benches

  141. Pingback: TO THE ROAD TO OLMUTZ: Two of them were puppies. One of ungulates was pregnant, was licking his face the man unconscious, as if to reassure him | Meeting Benches

  142. Pingback: WE HAD NOT SEEN, EACH OTHER, FOR MANY YEARS: I realized too late that the hand that I offered in greeting is still gloved in latex. | Meeting Benches

  143. Pingback: THE THINGS HAD CHANGED, AFTER NIGHT OF FULL MOON: Jacques Delors cried for a long time at his home in Aigue-Morte | Meeting Benches

  144. Pingback: ITALY, FLORENCE, PALAZZO PITTI: You have until February 22, 2015, to enter into the “Sala degli Argenti” | Meeting Benches

  145. Pingback: EVERY TIME I’M WITH HER: My newfound friend is radiant, even when speaking of a corpse and his remaining ragged clothes. | Meeting Benches

  146. Pingback: ITS WAS NECESSARY TO DISCUSS THIS UGLY EVENT OF BELIANSKA CAVE: When he kissed his wife, her lips remained rigid and tight | Meeting Benches

  147. Pingback: THE SITUATION PERSISTED IN HIS CRITICAL: “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all.” | Meeting Benches

  148. Pingback: IN DARK FACE, THE SIGNS OF DISGUST: Nine woman under investigation, the twenty-nine percent target of street violence | Meeting Benches

  149. Pingback: THE SEVEN MIRRORS OF ESSENES RELATIONS: This mirror reflects back to us something we have lost, given away or had taken away | Meeting Benches

  150. Pingback: READING, OVER THE LAST FIFTEEN YEARS: First to be read, however, requires a look in the diversity of Africa | Meeting Benches

  151. Pingback: SINKHOLES COULD BE DEADLY TRAPS: Not only for water but also for human beings – because for those who had entered, there was strong probability to remain imprisoned | Meeting Benches

  152. Pingback: BOTH WORSHIPED THE MEDITERRANEAN: They knew the flavor of blackberries and tenderness of red valerian, | Meeting Benches

  153. Pingback: ROSSELLA, BODY SLENDER, LONG LEGS AND WELL MADE: Stunning breasts and long hair in curls, with huge blue eyes of great brightness that made it immediately unique | Meeting Benches

  154. Pingback: LIKE MALTE LAURIDIS BRIGGE: Rethinking the many roads that had traveled in his long life now, the meetings and partings | Meeting Benches

  155. Pingback: ET VOILA TOUT CE QUE JE SAIS FAIRE: Du vent dans des coffres en bambou, des pans du ciel pour pendre à ton cou. | Meeting Benches

  156. Pingback: WHEN HE ARRIVED, SISTER FELICIA HANDED HIM AN ENVELOPE: To open it, but under the big acacia front of the church. | Meeting Benches

  157. Pingback: RADIO TUNED ON WEB CHANNEL 104.9 FM XLNC1: When the shadows of his unhappy childhood resurface bullies, breaking his soul, he was flying with the thought that distant ocean, in the west of America | Meeting Benches

  158. Pingback: ONLY THE MEMORY OF THE FEELINGS: No one would be able to remember that on Champes Elisées the woman had bought a large crystal vase the color of her eyes | Meeting Benches

  159. Pingback: ARRIVING IN NAIROBI, SURROUNDED BY A LEADEN SKY LOAD: Everything, Rossella and Giorgio would have expected from that trip long planned, certainly not the meeting with a neighbor | Meeting Benches

  160. Pingback: THE FRANCESCO RESTAURANT WAS FULL: As a good cop, the inspector who had grown up in Marco Curtej took over the serial killer Jetruc Mathias, managing impulse emergency | Meeting Benches

  161. Pingback: ON THE FOURTEENTH OF THE RUE DESCARTES: Marketa and Irina, didn’t have to get rid of the bra and not even take off her panties | Meeting Benches

  162. Pingback: CHOOSING A PURPLE CAPSULE GALESTRO OF 2011: Took off jacket, in an elegant leather Beaujolais, identical to that of the skirt to portfolio | Meeting Benches

  163. Pingback: ONLY A DELICATE CASE, FOR TODAY: Jean-Pascal Beaumont was optimistic about the outcome of the meeting at the restaurant Fouquet’s | Meeting Benches

  164. Pingback: INSIDE THE HOUSE OF GIORGIO RAMADORI: “Letters to a Young Poet,” was the title of the book by Rainer Maria Rilke that George had just leaning on the fence | Meeting Benches

  165. Pingback: SURE, HE HAD HER CELL PHONE: Question Mark while working on his laptop, but watching him do with his seemingly unapproachable | Meeting Benches

  166. Pingback: THE ENGLISH WORLD “WILL”: He imagined also unlikely depths without dossier, and fantasized about the possible loss of all sonar of the Earth | Meeting Benches

  167. Pingback: OBSERVING CAVE PAINTING OF TANZANIAN CHEKE: The faithful reproduction of hunting scenes of fascinating animals | Meeting Benches

  168. Pingback: AROUND THE CITY, AT NIGHT: It seemed a little awkward, but trying to hide it all, she was full of expectations for the evening. | Meeting Benches

  169. Pingback: THAT MOTHER WITHOUT A HUSBAND: For five days and four nights would house a man of action | Meeting Benches

  170. Pingback: AT THE BIRD PARK OF PONT DE GAU: He never stayed in one place, but opened its lightweight folding chair where imagination led him on | Meeting Benches

  171. Pingback: IN A VERY LATE NIGHT OF THE FULL MOON: He wanted to taste the intimacy of the lips of the Sagittarius, but also of his fingers and his body | Meeting Benches

  172. Pingback: AFTER THE HOTEL ARCADIA: The inspector didn’t know that already the next morning the criminologist was supposed to bring in Istria | Meeting Benches

  173. Pingback: IN THE LODGE NEAR THE VILLAGE: That was the particular time of day when the mist is still palpable, the air fresher, and the animals are in full swing | Meeting Benches

  174. Pingback: THE HOT WATER CONTINUED TO FLOW OVER THEM: They hadn’t slept at all, but only listened to their emotions in motion, those of an intimacy that had never experienced in their lives | Meeting Benches

  175. Pingback: UNDERGROUND STATIONS WERE CLOSE: The blindness of that woman who had the Keys of Time had been guided by invisible lines drawn in the palms of their hands | Meeting Benches

  176. Pingback: ALL THESE THINGS HE HAD LEARNED FROM PETRA: He remembered well that the Star had a brightness of 2,500 times the Sun | Meeting Benches

  177. Pingback: HE HAD TO MEET HER PARENTS: Rossella, burning in the face, more than the brace, she was working point with a green wool, with a loose weave | Meeting Benches

  178. Pingback: DECEMBER 29, 1479: Leonardo da Vinci depicts the hanged corpse of one of the leaders of the conspiracy of the Pazzi | Meeting Benches

  179. Pingback: AFTER BEIN ON THE FERRIS WHEEL IN THE PRATER: I do not speak of a perfect love. I want to tell you that the imperfections that I received at Mathias | Meeting Benches

  180. Pingback: CROSSED THE SEINE, AT THE BRIDGE OF THE BOULEVARD HENRY IV: The lines long eighty-five years of life of a human, being were strangely familiar | Meeting Benches

  181. Pingback: ON THAT MORNING IN LATE SEPTEMBER: He proposed to set up a trap for the monster | Meeting Benches

  182. Pingback: EVERY NIGHT, READY TO EXPRESS THE SAME WORDS OF LOVE: Don’t be carried away by my coldness | Meeting Benches

  183. Pingback: SINKHOLES: A Slovak woman and a French man – inside a novel – both left-handers, both looking for a half unknown existential sinkhole | Meeting Benches

  184. Pingback: WAITING FOR AUSTERLITZ: A novel draws this page by the misleading title | Meeting Benches

  185. Pingback: THE OTHER COUNTRYSIDE: A poignant story of love and social volunteering | Meeting Benches

  186. Pingback: THOUSAND MILES, DO IT YOURSELF: Waiting for a bright spring, or giving you a long week at the home of Frederick | Meeting Benches

  187. Pingback: THE WAY OF THE MURDERER WAS CLEARLY DIFFERENT: The sophistication of the criminal method, was decreased, while increased violence on the victim. | Meeting Benches

  188. Pingback: THE BOIS DE BOULOGNE AT NIGHT: Paths and woods, into hidden corners, were occupied every night by transvestites and “Fireflies” | Meeting Benches

  189. Pingback: THAT MAN HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND: He continued to be magnetized by the whole body of the woman, but she had acted as if nothing had ever happened between them | Meeting Benches

  190. Pingback: IN THOSE DAYS, SHE HAD RESISTED THE TEMPTATION: She would be back in Africa, to Archer’s Post | Meeting Benches

  191. Pingback: SILENCE AND FEAR, THEY ARE THE MENTAL HABITS: The two left a note, with telephone number, and they talks of an office Nid, into Avenue Gambetta | Meeting Benches

  192. Pingback: A SHINY COAT OF SHINY DUST HAD COVERED EVERYTHING: The big freeze had started on the night of Epiphany and in a few hours had frozen all the rivers | Meeting Benches

  193. Pingback: BETWEEN KESMAROK AND POPRAD: An imaginary quadrilateral on which to undertake that research, aimed at identifying the murder of Antoana Tepuro | Meeting Benches

  194. Pingback: PRAYING, HAD BECAME A STATE OF THE SOUL: The grain, of wheat which came to the threshing, from this to the sheaves and through the mill, became flour and bread | Meeting Benches

  195. Pingback: THEY HAVE EXCHANGED THEIR CELL PHONE NUMBER: She was wrapped in his arms and she felt vividly its smell of man | Meeting Benches

  196. Pingback: CURTEJ WAS WATCHIN AN YOUNG ROMANIAN GIRL: His thoughts had gone to the plain between Vlkova and Vrbov | Meeting Benches

  197. Pingback: INSIDE SMAL PLANE, TANZANIAN INTERIOR LINES: They were in Tanzania, in the heart of the Selous Game Reserve | Meeting Benches

  198. Pingback: THE NEWS CONCERNED THE SUICIDE ATTACK IN AFGANISTAN: The sounds and the smell of death had touched four families like her | Meeting Benches

  199. Pingback: THE WHOLE AREA WAS CORDONED OFF: The grass, the dry leaves and tender green ones still, they remembered the life | Meeting Benches

  200. Pingback: THE CRESCENDO OF AN INCREDIBLE CACOPHONY OF BIRDS: On Land Rover hips, protected by a metal grille reinforced, the two hunters found the same Spaniards | Meeting Benches

  201. Pingback: THE TAXI DRIVER, HE KNEW THE ABITS OF ITS CUSTOMERS: The strange Brussels beers and the serial rapist, the themes of this meeting | Meeting Benches

  202. Pingback: ON A MORNIG, IN LATE SEPTEMBER: Leaving the regret of a kiss never given, and a new love to be covered in gold | Meeting Benches

  203. Pingback: THE FEAST OF SAINT MARTIN, HAD EXPLODED IN THE POPULAR FAIR: Arriving in Mutonia, he discovered that it is not in an imaginary city of the future | Meeting Benches

  204. Pingback: TO THE DOOR OF AN HONEST MAN: Women who had sensual and sweet voices | Meeting Benches

  205. Pingback: SINKHOLES: Hidden Places of the soul, where all can flourish | Meeting Benches

  206. Pingback: WAITING IN A TIME WITHOUT TIME: Two novels in comparison, two narratives that are reflected in expectation | Meeting Benches

  207. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY, January 28, 1787: Goethe, considerations on the historical heritage of Rome | Meeting Benches

  208. Pingback: MEN IN BLUE UNDERS EAGLES: All those French soldiers had arrived in the autumn, in the rain | Meeting Benches

  209. Pingback: AFTER A FEW HUNDRED METERS: Petra could cry all the tears in the world, relying on the big trunk where he had a heart engraved | Meeting Benches

  210. Pingback: IT WAS TRUE: It was enough leave the room looking out on the park in front of their church | Meeting Benches

  211. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY, February 8, 1424: Cristoforo Landino, Italian humanist and writer, was born in Florence | Meeting Benches

  212. Pingback: MEETING PLACE: Steel robots, weird mannequins, stone carvings, papier-mâché monsters invaded the space | Meeting Benches

  213. Pingback: FLIGHT AB8991: Air Berlin, at 17 hours Marco Polo airport | Meeting Benches

  214. Pingback: IN THAT MORNING OF DECEMBER: Lieutenant Rucellai – the 2nd Hussar Regiment – was still proud to be part of the Brigade Frère-Picard | Meeting Benches

  215. Pingback: THAT HUSSAR WAS BORN DECEMBER 20: Its two first steps is called attachment and desire | Meeting Benches

  216. Pingback: SHE LOVED MUSIC, READING AND WRITING POETRY: Those seemingly random contacts, had spoken to the soul of a soldier | Meeting Benches

  217. Pingback: THEY DID NOT REALIZE ITS DISTURBANCE: He did not say anything to anyone | Meeting Benches

  218. Pingback: WHILE WAITING FOR THE DAY OF THE BATTLE: The men in blue spent the night wherever they could | Meeting Benches

  219. Pingback: SHE HAD PREPARED A SPECIAL MENU: The famous Greek salad from tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, lettuce and onions | Meeting Benches

  220. Pingback: REGARDS AN INTEREST- FREE LOAN: The sunset was again born, Marina had stretched her hands toward him, helping him to his feet | Meeting Benches

  221. Pingback: THE FASCINATING SPECTACLE: After that the wind had dropped completely, Alain had prepared to maneuver | Meeting Benches

  222. Pingback: NO NEW LOVE STORY, AS FAR HE KNEW: We needed to focus our efforts and eliminate waste of the memories | Meeting Benches

  223. Pingback: AS ALWAYS, EVEN IN THAT AUTUMN BATTLE: A cage of hope delivered to the desire to be able to continue to fly and eat | Meeting Benches

  224. Pingback: WE ARRIVE AT GRADARA IN LESS THAN AN HOUR: Bianca is in front of me, guide in hand, wearing the same short jeans as at the Temple | Meeting Benches

  225. Pingback: THE MAGIC OF THE PAST: The emotions of the Italian Renaissance, lived together the events of the protagonists of a gripping novel of love and adventure | Meeting Benches

  226. Pingback: THEY LOVED WHAT THEY ADMIRED: Jacques looked at her with tenderness | Meeting Benches

  227. Pingback: HE UNDERSTOOD WHAT HIS FRIEND HA WANTED TO TELL: On the way home reverted to the memories of things just yesterday | Meeting Benches

  228. Pingback: THE GIFT OF DEATH HAD TOOK A LESS PERSONAL DIMENSION: Every face was a tragedy, a stolen life to a family as his own | Meeting Benches

  229. Pingback: THE STRANGE POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER OF MARCO: The consequence of a child trauma not removed | Meeting Benches

  230. Pingback: DURING THE FLIGHT: Imagining a renewed state of health | Meeting Benches

  231. Pingback: THE SUN WENT DOWN ON EARLY MORAVIAN HILLS: none of them remembers the color of blood, or the lament of the dying | Meeting Benches

  232. Pingback: REALIZING THE EXPLORATION OF THE PAST: An original musical score of emotions in whose tears of joy had caressed also those horror | Meeting Benches

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  237. Pingback: SHE SPENT TO REVIEW PAINTINGS BY FAMOUS PAINTERS: All had showed the left side of the face of the character portrait | Meeting Benches

  238. Pingback: IN THIS SUNDAY: Amazed by the randomness of that meeting. | Meeting Benches

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  241. Pingback: IN THE LATE FALL OF MORAVIA: He knew that – even in skirmishes of love – the easiest way to force the surrender its opponent | Meeting Benches

  242. Pingback: SAINTES-MARIES-DE-LA-MER, A SMALL FISHING TOWN: The distant hills of Arles loomed behind that little jewel of the sea | Meeting Benches

  243. Pingback: LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU: They hugged each other for a few long minutes | Meeting Benches

  244. Pingback: NOT WAS NECESSARY TO FOLLOW: Its name was Destiny, and Didier Kellerman did his dreams without taking into account that irresistible force | Meeting Benches

  245. Pingback: IT WAS THROUGH SINKHOLES THAT BEGAN THE SUBTERRANEAN WATER: Jacques Delors knew perfectly well that the Sinkholes could be deadly traps | Meeting Benches

  246. Pingback: FROM THE WAR OF NATURE: There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several forces, originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms | Meeting Benches

  247. Pingback: NO TRACE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SCRUB: Simply, they had directed towards the Champs-Elysées in Paris | Meeting Benches

  248. Pingback: IN THE MAP WITHOUT NAMES: He had drawn a perfect circle, the one that held his determination, his “want” | Meeting Benches

  249. Pingback: GIACOMO, SON OF LEONIDA MALATESTA: Family traditions and a strong sense of honour conditioned by an angry and impulsive nature had led him into the profession of arms | Meeting Benches

  250. Pingback: THE ISLAND OF CUDDLES WAS ITS FAVORITE: She had imagined a Full Moon where every crater was a caramel apple | Meeting Benches

  251. Pingback: LATER IN THE NIGHT: When the guests, having had their fill of music, dancing and card games | Meeting Benches

  252. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – April 13, 1437: He was born in Florence, Francesco Pucci, Italian politician. | Meeting Benches

  253. Pingback: IN THE LAND OF RAFFAELLO, MONTELELTRO AND MALATESTA: To relive their time | Meeting Benches

  254. Pingback: WAITING FOR AUSTERLITZ: Where you can find improbable seasons, and the strange feelings that surround Paris, the metropolitan city of lights | Meeting Benches

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  262. Pingback: WHITE AND DELICATE CHEEKS: She pulled on a crownless straw hat, on which she spread her long hair to dry in the heat of the fire | Meeting Benches

  263. Pingback: HE SHUFFLED THE CARDS: They were all made on thick cards and measured ninety millimeters by one hundred and eighty | Meeting Benches

  264. Pingback: IN THE VAUCLUSE MOUNTAINS VERCORS: Where the surface is materialized Sinkholes | Meeting Benches

  265. Pingback: KELLERMAN’S HOUSE: Sleeping with his infinite joy, in a bedroom that had a black monolith | Meeting Benches

  266. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: April 18, 1417 – He died in Florence Domenico di Michelino, Italian painter | Meeting Benches

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  269. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: May 8, 1429: Joan of Arc from the free Inglese siege the city of Orleans | Meeting Benches

  270. Pingback: ON THE WAY TO FIORENZUOLA: I remember that many fossils have been discovered in the area | Meeting Benches

  271. Pingback: PEERING MORE CLOSELY: Even without the noise of the muskets and swords, it is as if something of the past wanted to drag me into it | Meeting Benches

  272. Pingback: SHE IS SITTING ON OLD TILES OF THE FLOOR: A few dozen meters from us two dogs are barking insistently | Meeting Benches

  273. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: May 16, 1412 – He died at Pavia Facino Cane, cruel mercenary Italian | Meeting Benches

  274. Pingback: FAMILY TRADITIONS AND A STRONGSENSE OF HONOUR: In those days of waiting he discovered the traffic of Via dei Coronari | Meeting Benches

  275. Pingback: IN THE FACE OF THAT HILL WAS VISIBLE PRATZEN PLATEAU: The second hussars of Rucellai had stopped at the foot of Santon | Meeting Benches

  276. Pingback: HER BREASTS DIDN’T GO UNNOTICED: Like all women Slovak, Monika was polite and sensitive | Meeting Benches

  277. Pingback: SHE ALSO HAD TO HAVE SNOW WHITE: The aesthetic ideal celebrated by the artists at that time was that of the female blonde with gleaming blue eyes | Meeting Benches

  278. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: May 18, 1430 – Was born in Urbino Violante da Montefeltro, daughter of Guidantonio | Meeting Benches

  279. Pingback: ASTONISHMENT: Exploring the aptitudes of the heart | Meeting Benches

  280. Pingback: LITTLE BLUSHED ON BOTH MY CHEEKS: All the Sun is now transformed into the light of night lamps on the streets of the city | Meeting Benches

  281. Pingback: IN THAT FROSTY MORNING IN LATE JANUARY: They had left the day before and the dangerous Roman countryside was now behind them | Meeting Benches

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  284. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: May 21, 1425 – He died Parisina Malatesta, daughter of Andrea Malatesta, lord of Cesena | Meeting Benches

  285. Pingback: THE GIRL WAS LOOKING WITH TERRIFIED EYES: Among them there was Marco Sciarra | Meeting Benches

  286. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: May 23, 1447 – Benozzo Gozzoli, Italian painter, to Rome to decorate a chapel in the Vatican Palace | Meeting Benches

  287. Pingback: ROUTES IN RENAISSANCE ITALY: Walk the streets every day, with different eyes | Meeting Benches

  288. Pingback: THE TASTE OF MINUTES: Crossing a night | Meeting Benches

  289. Pingback: THE KITCHENS OFTHE POOR PEASANT HOUSES: Also Roncofreddo was protected by unyielding walls | Meeting Benches

  290. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – 24 May 24, 1457: He died in Rimini Basinio Basini, Italian poet and humanist | Meeting Benches

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  292. Pingback: I STILL REMEMBER: An elegant and refined politician who had created at Fano a cosmopolitan court | Meeting Benches

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  296. Pingback: SHE WORE A PAIR OF LATEX GLOVES: I do not want the two doctors gossip about our friendship | Meeting Benches

  297. Pingback: I WALKED HOME: I want to have a glass of good Cartizze Prosecco | Meeting Benches

  298. Pingback: CONFLUENCES: Dragging six tenths of emotions | Meeting Benches

  299. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: May 30, 1431 – Joan of Arc, French national heroine, who was sentenced to death and burned alive at the stake | Meeting Benches

  300. Pingback: IN THE LAND OF RAFFAELLO AND FEDERICO: To relive their time | Meeting Benches

  301. Pingback: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BOMBARD CALLED “THE ROSE”: It’s getting late, I have to go home to pack a bag | Meeting Benches

  302. Pingback: HER LONG BLACK HAIR IS WRAPPED BY A SILVER RIBBON: It could perhaps be that of Polissena Sforza | Meeting Benches

  303. Pingback: THE RIGHT-HAND PAGE SHOWS AN EFFIGY: It was one of Isotta degli Atti | Meeting Benches

  304. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: Braccio da Montone, Italian leader, is seriously wounded in battle in L’Aquila | Meeting Benches

  305. Pingback: MY CRYSTAL SANDALS? MIU MIU’S NOVELTY: Those thong sandals are studded with sparkling stones | Meeting Benches

  306. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: June 3, 1411 – Leopold IV of Habsburg dies | Meeting Benches

  307. Pingback: WE ARRIVE AT GRADARA IN LESS THAN AN HOUR: Bianca is in front of me, guide in hand | Meeting Benches

  308. Pingback: THE HANDS OF LOVE: Poems loose in the winter | Meeting Benches

  309. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – June 4, 1469: Lorenzo dè Medici married Clarice Orsini, by whom he had ten children. | Meeting Benches

  310. Pingback: GOODBYE GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING: Before opening the door, Bianca turns to me | Meeting Benches

  311. Pingback: WE BOTH KNELT AT THE EDGE OF THE LANDSLIP: Bianca looks me straight in the eyes | Meeting Benches

  312. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: June 6, 1453 – In Turin, the miracle takes place, where the consecrated host was long suspended in the air | Meeting Benches

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  315. Pingback: THE BUCKET IS AT OUR FEET: From the bottom of the landslip we carried four things from the distant past | Meeting Benches

  316. Pingback: BIANCA HAD LIVED IN ROME FOR SIX YEARS: He had learned that the death of a pope and the election of his successor provided ample opportunity for personal gain | Meeting Benches

  317. Pingback: WHILST SPENDING TIME WITH THE COURTESAN: Attracted by the experienced sensibility | Meeting Benches

  318. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: June 9, 1456 – XXIII well-known passage of Comet Halley at perihelion | Meeting Benches

  319. Pingback: FEMALE BLONDE WITH GLEAMING BLUE EYES: She was almost all these, with the exception of dark eyes and black hair, which however she dyed | Meeting Benches

  320. Pingback: THE INN WAS RENOWED NOT ONLY FOR ROJANO WINE: That night due to the large number of pilgrims returning from Rome after the election of the new pope | Meeting Benches

  321. Pingback: THE BANDS OF BANDITS WERE FORMED OF DISBANDED SOLDIERS: That night the raiders of Marco Sciarra had attacked the houses of Vocabolo Tevermorto | Meeting Benches

  322. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – June 13, 1447: Violante da Montefeltro reaches Cesena husband Malatesta Novello | Meeting Benches

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  324. Pingback: NEAR AND FAR: Together, the fragile | Meeting Benches

  325. Pingback: THEY WERE WAITING FOR THE TWENTY-FIFTH OF NOVEMBER: Leccino, correggiolo and wild olive trees which provided the cold-pressed olive oil from the mill | Meeting Benches

  326. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – June 15, 1413: He died in Rimini Giovanni Capogallo, Italian bishop and humanist | Meeting Benches

  327. Pingback: THIRTEEN TRACKS: Emotion of the Renaissance, the thirt trip | Meeting Benches

  328. Pingback: DELICATE BALANCE: Surrendering, like caress | Meeting Benches

  329. Pingback: AT DUSK OF THAT SERENE DAY: He was still troubled by the gypsies’ caravan camped at the stables of his castle | Meeting Benches

  330. Pingback: THE MONEY WAS TAKEN TO ROME: A bookkeeper who kept track of the ransoms paid and the slaves released | Meeting Benches

  331. Pingback: EVEN THE DUKE HAD ORDERED THE CONSTRUCTION OF GUARD TOWERS: He agreed with the city council’s decision to send 150 rowers to Civitavecchia | Meeting Benches

  332. Pingback: VIA DEI CORONARI WAS A FAMOUS STREET IN ROME: For several years now the road and the surrounding area were inhabited by prostitutes | Meeting Benches

  333. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: June 20, 1448 – Death of Guidantonio Manfredi, Lord of Faenza | Meeting Benches

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  335. Pingback: IN THE DEEP: Singing the full strenght of most intimate life | Meeting Benches

  336. Pingback: REGUSING THE PURSE FULL OF MONEY: She had read and given to him a letter | Meeting Benches

  337. Pingback: THE FRANCISCAN CHURCH OF ST. BERNARDINO OF ZOCCOLANTI: It was on a hill just over a mile from Urbino | Meeting Benches

  338. Pingback: HE WAS CLIMBING THE GARAMPA RIDGE: Giacomo Malatesta came from Rome with the usual small retinue of armed men | Meeting Benches

  339. Pingback: IN THE DEEP: ASTONISHMENT IN THE WIND | Meeting Benches

  340. Pingback: ADDING THE SMELL: Your trip inside Italian Renaissance | Meeting Benches

  341. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: June 25, 1441 – He was born in Mantova Federico Gonzaga, third Marquis of Mantua | Meeting Benches

  342. Pingback: LISTENING TO THE NEW LIFE GROW THERE: His blood exploded simultaneously in his temples, in his heart and in his hands | Meeting Benches

  343. Pingback: THEY WERE MONITORED BY GUARDS: A procession of pockmarked lepers with festering sores | Meeting Benches

  344. Pingback: THE DICE GAMES WAS PLAYED: Before each game the dice were rolled to decide who started | Meeting Benches

  345. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: June 28, 1519 – Charles V was elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire | Meeting Benches

  346. Pingback: EMOTION OF THE RENAISSANCE: Piobbico, 73 km in an hour and 50 minutes | Meeting Benches

  347. Pingback: KEYS OF WONDER: Recognize themselves, with my own eyes | Meeting Benches

  348. Pingback: THE BOAT WAS PACKED WITH PILGRIMS: Giacomo looked closely at the galley on which he embarked with his entourage | Meeting Benches

  349. Pingback: THAT HARQUEBUSIERS WERE MEN OF INFANTRY: Theyr smoke its the brainchild of the devil | Meeting Benches

  350. Pingback: THE GALLEYS SLAVES ROWED IN SCALOCCIO: Their individual equipment was simple but extremely effective | Meeting Benches

  351. Pingback: THEY SAT SILENT ON THE DECK: Only those who could afford a ransom could hope of freedom and appropriate treatment | Meeting Benches

  352. Pingback: TRYING TO SAVE HIS LIFE: Malatesta and his men attract the attention of men of the Reale, who throw them a rope | Meeting Benches

  353. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: July 20, 1438 – He was born in Ferrara Niccolo d’Este of Ferrara noble. | Meeting Benches

  354. Pingback: NO MATTER THE YOURNEY – Choose your vast horizon | Meeting Benches

  355. Pingback: AT DECEMBER 20 – With my own eyes, I feel the keys of wonder | Meeting Benches

  356. Pingback: LOOKED AT THE WHITE ISTRIAN STONE FACADE: They had obtained their freedom | Meeting Benches

  357. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY, July 23, 1401 – He was born Francesco Sforza, Italian leader | Meeting Benches

  358. Pingback: GOING DOWN THE VIA FLAMINIA: Giacomo and his guests were to be guests of the Duke for a few more days | Meeting Benches

  359. Pingback: ON THE LAST LEG OF THE CLIMB: They never imagined to see Montecodruzzo in essentially hidden under the snow | Meeting Benches

  360. Pingback: IT WAS 1572: The island of Crete had been under Venetian rule for four centuries, and its capital was Candia | Meeting Benches

  361. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY: August 12, 1484 – He died in Rome Pope Sixtus IV gave his name to the chapel frescoed by Michelangelo. | Meeting Benches

  362. Pingback: ONLY ON MONDAYS AND SATURDAYS: People started to crowd in early as the coveted places | Meeting Benches

  363. Pingback: THE AFFINITY: Fulness of intensity | Meeting Benches

  364. Pingback: EMOTION OF THE RENAISSANCE: Thirteen tracks | Meeting Benches

  365. Pingback: LIKE SINKHOLES: The water and the snow behaved in a special way, as they had their own life | Meeting Benches

  366. Pingback: THE COBALT BLUE OF THE WAVES CUT OUT FROM THE SKY: Two streams of concern flowed from his eyes to his beard, and lips | Meeting Benches

  367. Pingback: IT WOULD TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ADD SOME PAGES: Now comes the most tedious, reviewing spelling | Meeting Benches

  368. Pingback: ON THAT MORNING HE CLOSED NOT ONLY THE WINDOW: How it was possible to kill that man | Meeting Benches

  369. Pingback: THEY CALLED THIS SITE DEVIL’S HOLE: An ancient legend had narrated above an altar with a “Golden Hen” | Meeting Benches

  370. Pingback: FROM THE WAR OF NATURE: That book had left an indelible imprint | Meeting Benches

  371. Pingback: IN THE AFTERNOON OF JUNE 20: He could not imagine a trip so exciting | Meeting Benches

  372. Pingback: ITALIAN VACATION WAS BEHIND THEM: For her, the value of reputation, like that of own intimacy, was a durable good and take care | Meeting Benches

  373. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – August 18, 1502: A letter license issued by Cesare Borgia | Meeting Benches

  374. Pingback: A LITTLE OVER A MONTH: He was now seventy years old, at his side a woman dressed in black | Meeting Benches

  375. Pingback: THEY WERE WAITING: Theirs was an extraordinary journey towards salvation of the soul | Meeting Benches

  376. Pingback: NOT FAR FROM THAT STREETS: Diawara had no home, he was standing on the commuter train | Meeting Benches

  377. Pingback: THAT MORNING SHE WAS WEARING A NORMAL SKIRT: She had a body that could tell tales sweet and sensual men that felt even speak | Meeting Benches

  378. Pingback: HE WAS LISTENING TO THE NEWS: The rapist color was still free to strike | Meeting Benches

  379. Pingback: COMPARING THE EFFECTS: He felt incredible affinity | Meeting Benches

  380. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – August 21, 1482 | Meeting Benches

  381. Pingback: TRAVEL IN ITALY – August 24, 1455 | Meeting Benches

  382. Pingback: THE TATRA MOUNTAINS: Belianska Jaskyna was well known for its huge conformations of calcite | Meeting Benches

  383. Pingback: EVEN THE ROADS OFTHE SKY WHERE CROWED: That flight 0S411 had left the Austrian capital at seven in the morning | Meeting Benches

  384. Pingback: BACK AT THE TOWER-HOUSE: They’re carrying something towards the car | Meeting Benches

  385. Pingback: LONG LEGS AND WELL MADE: Huge blue eyes of great brightness that made it immediately unique | Meeting Benches

  386. Pingback: THEY HAD CHOSEN THE PANORAMA RESTAURANT: Watched the plane of Ryanair, prepare for the start | Meeting Benches