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A 30 YEARS MUSICAL JOURNEY – Midnight Oil, antipodean pub rock version of Queen

From Sydney’s Royal Antler Hotel to the Exxon Building in New York

The group have inspired artists outside of popular music, including poet Daniel Nester and painter Nicholas Harding. Also known under the nickname The Oils, they are an Australian rock group originally from Sydney, which started playing in 1972. In 1975, the group rechristened itself Midnight Oil After months of gigs, they began making the rounds to record companies. Then, the group formed issued its debut in 1978. The band grew active in the political arena. With their 1979 Head Injuries, the band scored Cold Cold Change, earning a gold record.

A music journalist noted that they were reputed to be Australia’s most formidable live act. Singer Peter Garrett was studying at university when he answered an ad for an audition with Farm. The Indigenous Australians fueled their 1987’s Diesel and Dust, sparking by the hit single Beds Are Burning. In protest of a petrol company’s handling of the Alaskan oil spill, Midnight Oil returned with 1990’s Blue Sky Mining, with a concert outside of the Exxon Corporation’s Manhattan offices.

In an interview, jokingly, Rob Hirst said he would like Midnight Oil to come together for reasons other than natural disasters. In 2009, Midnight Oil for three concerts realized a charity show for Sound Relief. In 2017, they embarked in a global trek of 77 shows (The Great Circle Tour), culminating with a show in Sydney, and released in 2018 under the title Armistice Day: Live at the Domain, Sydney. They have a devoted fan base who refer to the band as The Oils.

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