A SMALL LABORATORY, THE BIRTH OF A MYTH – Fratelli Alinari Firenze: a photographic company that still performs nineteenth-century printing techniques

The oldest company in the world operating in the field of photography

Thanks to its iconographic heritage, in memory of your visit to Florence, the Fratelli Alinari https://www.alinari.it/it/prodotti offers a wide range of products for sale. We have chosen a 55-euro photographic print, a 20-euro art print and a 20.50-euro book (At the origins of photography / A Tuscan itinerary, 1839/1870). At that expense of 95 euros and 50 cents, we added an Alinari souvenir envelope of 7.50 euros. From the mid-1800s to the present day, documenting the history of Italy and the world, with 5,000,000 photographs speak of art and culture, industry, society and landscape. With an ultra-secular experience, Fratelli Alinari https://www.alinari.it/it/chi-siamo-manages-exhibitions, photographic campaigns and extraordinary photographic archives. Founded in Florence in 1852, it is the oldest company in the world still operating in the field of photography.

Theirs had been the first photographic company admitted to the service of the Vatican Museums and the Louvre. Their production combines refined 19th century artisan techniques with modern reproduction technologies. Visitable by appointment, the Fratelli Alinare http://www.mnaf.it/fondazione.php, it is in the same factory in Florence since 1863. Inside the company, we also find the rich publications of their publishing house. Using bilingual databases, they created an online search system that allows you to consult a selection of 350,000 images.

Bulwark of the culture of the image of Florence, its acronym is present on many historical photos, from the visual report of a war to the documentation of an artist’s work. As if the history of photography and that of their company had followed a common path of evolution and growth, Fratelli Alinari https://www.firenzetoday.it/cronaca/museo-fotografia-alinari-firenze.html today testifies that itinerary through its immense heritage of photographs.

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