BREATHE OF PARADISE, IN VERSES – Susy Delgado: In an awakening, everyone must go away

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The Paraguayan music is totally of European origin. Here, most popular instruments are the harp and the guitar. The best nightclubs in Asuncion? You to can stop off at the trendy Paseo Carmelitas to wine and dine  before cutting loose at a happening club such as Velvet, where you can grab gourmet Asian fusion at their restaurant. Most of the music is EDM, with big international names. Obviously, here you cannot read Susy Delgado’s poems. Back at your hotel, tune in to On Line Radio Box, and read something about that woman who loves her land.

In 2017, she won the national literature prize of Paraguay, for her poem Ybytu yma. After obtaining a degree in Sociology in Madrid, she worked as a journalist. Poet and writer in Spanish and Guarani, Susy Delgado was born into a December day 1949 in San Lorenzo (Paraguay). In 1985, she won international recognition as a finalist for a Spanish poetry competition in Madrid. She is known for her support of Paraguayan culture.

Author of a brief but intense poetic production that uses both the Castilian and the Guaranian languages as expressive vehicles, Susy Delgado is considered one of the most extraordinary voices of contemporary Paraguayan poetry. Driven by an innate literary vocation, he moved to the capital of Paraguay to continue his studies in journalism. To improve his academic background he traveled to Madrid, and when he returned home, he began working in the main Paraguayan newspapers and magazines.

Ayvu Membyre /I – En un despertar se pegó a mi lengua, estalló en mi boca, cosa insospechada, el habla. Cosa tiernísima, buena de verdad, aliento del cielo, que nos da la vida un momentito, en medio de la noche. (In an awakening he stuck to my tongue, exploded in my mouth, something unexpected, he speaks. Very tender thing, really good, breath of heaven, which gives us life a moment, in the middle of the night).

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