FROM THE PALM OF MY HAND – Víctor Terán / When Love flowers unceasingly, like a sickness

When love is bigger than a cloud

A typical Mexican city? With a lively market, Juchitán de Zaragoza it’s a special town for the traveler, simply because few other gringos do. There are many festivals and celebrations in this town that has a Muxe community with cisgender men who dress in traditionally female. Around the main plaza, are stands offering the best array of Mexican fare and street food. On the Benito Juarez side of the plaza, you can find a restaurant in a fake colonial house. Your best way to sleep? Casa de Huespedes (on the main plaza), great location and cheap. About its creative people, you can find poet Víctor Terán.

He is the most personal poet of the Zapotec Isthmus of Oaxaca. His books of poetry include Like a new sun and The spines of love. VICTOR TERAN was three-time recipient of the national fellowship for writers of indigenous languages, and his first book “Barefoot Words” was published in 1997. He works as a media education teacher at the secondary level, on the Oaxacan Isthmus. Since 2000, he has appeared in anthologies in Italy and the United States. He was born in Juchitán de Zaragoza in 1958. His work has been published extensively in magazines and anthologies throughout Mexico.

FROM THE PALM OF MY HANDFrom the palm of my hand the afternoon eats its meal: lean horse abandoned for being old, nagging horse, dirty horse. There is a trail behind the hill you see there. In the open sky three white tissues distance themselves, saying goodbye. Nostalgia has hung its hammock in my heart, and my grudges hastily sharpen their weapons. Here the earth is broken, land of acacias and stones. In the sky smoke and clouds are visible, clouds, smoke, and grief. The footpath that zigzags behind that slope leads to your house. The long cloud that extends across the horizon, maybe you are looking at it, maybe you look at it now. My love for you is not the size of that cloud, not that size.

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