TAUBA AUERBACH 1/2 – Her paintings rely on artisan seriality using a variety of techniques. Her type of work challenges illusion, forcing you to ask questions about the nature of seeing and understanding. In her first personal show, she had shown a set of text-based designs, which explored several language systems (such as calligraphy, Morse code, and traffic light signals). She is visual artist, who works in many disciplines (such as painting, photography and sculpture). She lives and works in New York, but was born in San Francisco in 1981, graduating in Visual Art in 2003 at Stanford University. She loves to explore our logic systems, discovering new visual possibilities. http://www.taubaauerbach.com/

TAUBA AUERBACH 2/2 – Her work was presented at various museum exhibitions, including performances at the Whitney American Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Castello di Rivoli in Turin. Well-known for her paintings playing with space perceptions, she began to create abstract interpretations of typography and calligraphy. Her work has been presented in numerous collective exhibitions. Her 2016 exhibition at Paula Cooper’s gallery investigates the work of a twentieth-century architect through glass sculptures painted in acrylic. In recent work, she began to iron folds in her canvases, using also industrial paint guns. You can find some of her works on sale at Berggruen Gallery http://www.berggruen.com/artists/tauba-auerbach, in California.

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