With decision to visit Poland, you can memorize the beauty of some paintings of Wojciech Weiss, listen musical selection of Edyta Górniak and read the novel of Boleslaw Prus or poetic selection of Boleslaw Titkow.

Stare Miastro” it is the central plaza in Warsaw. “Real street” is a road long 4km, where you can admire the beauty of many buildings, especially the church of the Saint Cross (which keep the urn of Chopin). Do not forget to visit the National Museum, , which contains the greatest quantity of works of art of Poland.

For ANDRZEJ TITKOW, only the poetry succeeds in holding up the existential weight of the single individual, to express joys and sufferings, impotence toward what waits for. He is a poet, director and Polish scriptwriter. He was born in Warsaw in 1946.

The doll, considered a masterpiece of the Polish literature, is a novel published in the 1890. BOLESLAW PRUS, his author. He became a journalist, writing some short stories. He deals with the theme, he was most concerned about: the struggle for power in contemporary society.

The painter WOJCIECH WEISS died in Cracovia, but a lot of his works continue to live in front of our eyes. A lot of people associate his art with colored landscapes and sensual nude, but in the years ’30, the Baltic Coast became a subject of his paintings.

The Village Museum Radom offer the opportunity to admire ancient buildings, which illustrate how the agricultural world worked. Furnished interiornis show styles from the whole region. Walking to Radom, you will discover Zeromskiego Street ancient loaded road with atmosphere. Rather small, but very calm, it allows you to taste old Europe among shops of souvenir, coffee and beautiful houses of epoch.

BOLESLAW PRUS, writer and Polish journalist was born in Hrubieszów in 1847. As so many others he took part to the revolt against the oppressive Russian empire. He became a journalist writing on some daily ones some brief stories. “The Faraone”is his most important novel, a book where he treats the theme, which was close to his heart: the struggle for the power in the contemporary society.

The Parish Church of Hrubieszów (Baroque, in masonry) was built in 1746. On the wall of the parish church, you can see the commemorative table in honor of Boleslaw Prus. Around you will discover the delicious town park, with the statue of the writer.

From the year 1038 and for six centuries, this city was the capital of the country. Cracovia is a city of art and architecture, where beats the historical heart of Poland. On the hill of the Wawel, there is the the real Castle, but also the National Museum of Cracovia, where today the Dame of the ermine of Leonardo is exposed. This painting given to the Museum, was purchased in 1800 in Italy from Adamo Jerzy (Princess’s child Izabela Czartoryska). The portrait embodies the idea of Renaissance, with an image that creates the illusion of the natural vitality.

80 kilometers away you reach Katowice, in the historical region of the Upper Slesia, a Polish earth with Slesian, German and Czech influences. Here you will see little brick houses. They are houses of the miners, the “Familoki” (varying of a word Latin).

A special place where to eat to Katowice? Healthy and good foods, delicate tastes. Good relationship quality & price. Welcome to the Zloty Osiol,,a place where when you enter, you will feel fascinating perfumes. The gustatory papilles transmit you good messages. You eat in hurry and you still want to eat.

Edyta Górniak, one of the few Polish singers, who have success in an international level, was born in this town Ziębice. The old town hall tower of the sixteenth-century offer splendid view on the hilly landscape of the Sudetis. Edyta Górniak is note for his/her ample vocal range.

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