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AUTHOR’S TRAVEL IN CHILE – 13 hours by car, good music and reading, to collect five different pictorial shades

Our Chile trip begins in Vicuña, a municipality in Elqui province (Coquimbo Region) https://www.welcomechile.com/vicuna/index_en.html where the poet GABRIELA MISTRAL was born. Her name, even today, is synonymous with feminism and evocative poetry. Along with Pablo Neruda, she has fueled literary creativity in Chile. By recommending that you accompany your journey with a collection of VICTOR JARA music tracks, we recommend that you bring with you a poetry book, along with a novel by PEDRO LEMEBEL. By doing so, your 1070 km through Chile http://chile.travel/en/ will have something special, because songs and good readings, created by those people born here, will accompany your 13 hours of car.

Starting from Vicuna, you will need 500 km and 6 hours drive to reach Valparaiso http://www.rutavalparaiso.cl/sitio_ruta_index_en.htm where on a distant day in September was born CAMILO MORI SERRANO, the painter he had started to paint from the creole academic style, to reach the boundaries of pop art. In the last years of his life, he liked to spend the summers in Quisco (Central Coast of Chile), a place that had stimulated in him the deepening of Impressionism. When you arrive in Santiago de Chile, do not forget to admire what he has created, going to the National Museum of Fine Arts http://www.mnba.cl/617/w3-channel.html

Even CLAUDIO BRAVO, hyperrealist painter influenced by Baroque and Renaissance, was born in Valparaiso. In Santiago de Chile, about that child who was born on a ranch, you can see some paintings at the Museum of Artes Visuales (Colección Santa Cruz-Yaconi) https://www.mavi.cl/ or you can go to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Santiago, Chile) http://www.mnba.cl/617/w3-contents.html

Only 120 km in 2 hours by car is what you will need to go from Valparaiso to Santiago de Chile http://santiagotourist.com/ the hometown of three painters from different artistic orientation, where you can enjoy the scenery of Cajón del Maipo (during a day trip from Santiago), also visiting the Centro Cultural Metropolitano Gabriela Mistral http://www.gam.cl/ PEDRO LIRA, the pioneer of Chilean painting, was born here on May 1845. You can admire his “Carta de amor” (Letter of Love), a magnificent painting depicted at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago de Chile Http://www.mnba.cl/617/w3-channel.html the museum he founded.

Although since 2003 he lives and works in Madrid, SERGIO MARTINEZ CIFUENTES was born here. His favorite artistic theme was the landscape, but from the nineties nudes women cover almost all of his work.

MAYA KOKOCINSKI MOLERO was born here in 1970, where she learned her first rudiments in the study of her father Alessandro. Faces, looks and bodies are for her the opportunity to paint psychological analyzes, using the colors of feelings.                                           The writer PEDRO LEMEBEL (of whom we have recommended reading a novel) was born here, in a marginal district on the banks of the Zanjón de la Aguada. His irreverent style has become known throughout Latin America. For the rest of his life, he has tackled the themes of marginality, even using autobiographical references.

To know the sky under which VICTOR JARA (the man who knew the wind syllables) was born in 1932, we will have to move from Santiago de Chile to San Ignacio (450 km in 5 hours by car), in the Province of Ñuble (Bío Bío Region, a land about 500 km south of Santiago, prolifies in its natural beauty). His songs, the ones we hope to have accompanied your trip into Chile, talked of humble people and civil engagement. That creative and sensitive man still sings you of love and life. All you have to do, is walk in the streets of San Ignacio, listening to the wind. http://es.db-city.com/Chile–Bio-Bio–%C3%91uble–San-Ignacio

The intellectual property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors. The sole purpose of this site, is to spread the knowledge of these painters and that other people enjoy their works. To pursue this issue, you can digit: http://meetingbenches.com/2017/06/travel-chilean-creativity-vicuna-san-ignacio-stars-songwriter-writers-chilean-painters/


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